Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Madonna #SecretProjectRevolution #ArtForFreedom

The time has come.

Last night Madonna projected her #SecretProjectRevolution in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.  Great piece, great fans, great energy. 

#SecretProjectRevoltion in FULL:

The Vice Interview:

Madonna and Sean Penn attend Madonna and Steven Klein's #SecretProjectRevolution at the Gagosian Gallery (September 24, 2013)

Madonna and her son, Rocco.


  1. This was such a great treat for not only Madonna fans, but for anyone with a heart and compassion.

    Those who only want music from Madonna, move along and let us enjoy this - a project Madonna did not as a performer, but as a human being with the rights to express herself and present her feelings and frustrations.

    Keep the negative bullshit out of here and go talk shit about people and gossip somewhere else. Tks.

    So proud to be a fan, now not only to her music and performances, but as a human being.

    Bravo Madonna!

  2. LOVE the interview! It makes sense of the movie. This is brilliant "I aint your pop star ho" movie. She is so smart and talented it isnlt even funny.

  3. Yes! forgot to comment on the interview.

    What a great one it was! Madonna, as usual, was so well spoken and was great to hear her talk about her influences and her experiences while growing up in the Detroit area.

  4. Madonna, you inspire me! Thank you! I am really quite touched by your Fight and Example! I LOVE YOU!-Live to Tell and Take a Bow, my Ray of Light!

  5. Goddamn Love this woman. She insures in me again why I am a total fucking Madonna fan

  6. P.S. Love seeing her with Sean again. They still love each other even if it didn't work way back when...

  7. I attended the private screening party, and as a fan let me tell you it was fuckin' EPIC!

    Here is a very good blog post of the entire night. Lots of great pics and even better videos, Especially the performance one.


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  9. Where's Pud review of the "not-secret-anymore Project? I'll have to make my own review.
    Well, I saw it. I had to. Too much hype for just another lucrative deal made by la Nonna. She has always kown how to play with the public's expectations ("Justify my love" and "Sex" come to my mind: both secretive, delayed projects). As everything la Nonna does, it was visually impeccable. The problem with her is that she's always been about Form vs.Content. She seems to prefer, or excells at, the former. From the very beginning, with when you see those Sartre and Godard quotes, you know you're about to watch something pretencious to death. To be honest, this thing bored me to death. I didn't even downloaded it. I saw it on YouTube and I forwarded it. It it was always about the same people sitting in drag and attitude while la Nonna strutted between them in her eternal culotte, showing her short legs (made larger while huge heles). You only see her huge face moving, like a black and white pac-man. She moved clumsily, uncertain of her moves; maybe it was those heels. The color was monotonous. The voice la Nonna affected was unerving. The song was horrid, out of tune. The wig, hideous.
    Nothing new. It looked like anything she would do on any of her "theatrical" concerts; like an over-the top sequel to MNDA show. And I don't think the guns imaginery was necessary to speak about freedom of speech. Maybe she's trying to look cool to this violent society we live in these days.
    Yes, there are certainly many really talented dancers in this film. That's the best thing. La Nonna is almost a mere appendage. Our attention is caught by those dancers, not she. If she weren't there it'd make no difference. Actually she could have narrated the film using the voice-over technique and not appear at all and it would have bee loads better. SHE is the reason why the films in which she acted or directed did not work.
    The "message" la Nonna delivers is so obvious it bores. She's been repeating the same boring line for 20 years. Stop Nonna and make hits. You haven't had a hit since 2000!!! And stay away from Daft Punk: you're going to ruin their careers as you did to every "collaborator" you've worked with.
    Sorry if I offend the Nonna fanbase, but I'm just expressing myself. D0n't you believe in freedom of expression???

    1. The secret project was terrible, I knew something was off from the very beginning and she proved it in the interview, all those sets and imagery were meant to be a Truth Or Dare campaign, and she shot anything to not lose money I guess and tried to make something out of it later on. Making lemons into lemonade? It doesn't quite work when it comes to art, audiovisual specially, you can shoot now and figure out later, it's like typing blindly into a typing machine and trying to edit that into a book, it doesn't work.

      That is why she spent A WHOLE YEAR on a 17 minute video, something unheard of I guess, how could she not? It takes a lot of time to take something nonsensical and make it into something watchable, which the Secret Project barely was.

      But fine, she got it out, nobody is even talking about it anymore, just a mere days after its release, not even the fan community is talking about it, so much for a revolution lol.

    2. I waited 4 days for THIS?

      Sheesh, you are usually SOMEWHAT tolerable in your replies, this one is just out of the Lady Goober library of Monster-monium.

      Where is my slightly intelligent RodREEKO?!!?!!?!?

    3. and lol@the nobody comment. she gained 45,000 'likes' on facebook since the secret project hahaha

      cmon, rodREEKo! ur losing it!!


  10. You don't offend anyone, you just make an ass out of yourself and I think most of us feel bad for you.

    And you need to befriend google.

    No hits since 2000? lol. Several top 10's since then not to mention a top 5 in 08.

    This is a white 55yo woman who is a pop star, still getting #1 albums globally and still hitting the top US hot 100 top 10 after 30 years, yet we all know that you know this and desperately want attention, so I thought I'd indulge you.

    You crack me up (and make me blush for you), poor RodREEKo jejejeajajaja


  11. Oh forgot to add, yes, the dancers are good, but NONE, not even baby Brahim were nice to look at. Only Madonna's beautiful face was the main attraction.

    Don't be upset that she can STILL look so fucking amazing at 55.

    Like a record. You are STUCK. (Record skipping, Record skipping)...ZzZz..

  12. I absolutely love the secret project film. Totally lived up to all of the hype as far as I'm concerned, and I think it's her best collaboration with Steven Klein. Absolutely beautiful, and evocative. The critics and media will trash just because she created it. Nothing new. The interview is the best in years! She hasn't been this open and passionate in ages. I'm just so proud to be a fan of this woman.

    1. me too. 30 years of the goddess imprisoned for the way she expresses. xo

  13. Another flop in a long string of flops