Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lady Gaga is so Obsessed with Madonna

For years we've know Lady Ugly has been obsessed with Madonna. 

Whatever, girl.


  1. lol

    how they were ever compared is beyond me.

    madonna was known as just a sexy person. lady goober is sexless.

    not a diss, just the truth.

    apples and oranges.

    30 years later: cyndi and madonna all over again.

    and we know which one stayed. jejeje

  2. Tony, I agree with you. Madonna is the last of her kind!! There will never be another Madonna!

  3. When will Gaga get it! You get there and stay there by being yourself! Borrowing is not part of the package. Totally agree she's sexless. I've had carrots with more sex appeal :)

    1. Exactly!

      Her genres for this album are all over the place, seeing which would take off and it seems the public likes her doing r&b with R. Kelly.

      Notice how it's suddenly not a promo single, but an actual 2nd single once she saw it did well, unlike, 'Applause'.

      Oh, Goober... Just be yourself!

  4. I think it's time we all stop giving any attention to anything Lady Gaga does. Whether its a comparison to Madonna, bad press, whatever. It wastes time and space. Indifference is a much stronger tool than hate. She'll go away soon enough. That's pretty clear.

  5. Lady gaga haters
    All I can say about madonna is that she's lost talent through the years, "bitch I'm madonna" is a true embarrassment for someone her age
    Lady gaga is beautiful