Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rare Madonna Nudes

Rare Madonna nudes have popped up from the estate of the late Bob Guccione who owned and operated Penthouse magazine.  Few from this session appeared in the second batch of Madonna nudes that were published in Penthouse magazine in 1987.

The photos were taken by Herman Kulkens in late 1977 while at the University of Michigan.  


  1. Not my faves of the nude photos taken back in the day, but love to see them all the same. I'm ashamed to not realize M did the nude modeling before NY.

  2. I guess she had to start somewhere...

  3. Rare nudes? Everybody knows she posed naked and did soft-porn and sucked every cock and licked every pussy (Camille Barbone) available in her way to stardom. The only surprising thing here is how ugly she was,

  4. Wow Rodrigo...could you sound even more bitter!!! if Madonna doesn't interest you then why are you wasting your time commenting,

    I think she had alot of guts as a young student that drive took her to the top.