Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Should have left you standing right where you stood...



  1. LOVE IT! I love when she does those moves towards the end. When I watch this tour, I have to watch Japan. Ciao Italia was so disappointing. Well, the editing was. The inconsistency of her hair, jewerly, and visuals...its so hard to watch. I know its a small thing but its distracting.

  2. did you notice this was wasnt all fuck'd up in editing? its the straight night they aired on Italian tv.

  3. I did notice that. It seemed to be the one that is more soft focused. I don't understand the editing process on the show. It was horrible and obvious and not required. I don't get it...it was too choppy and much more work than needed. I wonder if this version made the rounds on the blogs...the whole show I mean.