Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Making of Who's That Girl 1987


Madonna's Who's That Girl has long been a fan favorite and as respected Film Critic Vincent Canby of The New York Times said in his 1987 review, "Madonna, left to her own devices and her own canny pace, is a very engaging comedian...When Madonna's no-nonsense pragmatism isn't being twisted into poses of lovable eccentricity, the actress is sexy and funny and never for a minute sentimental. At times she looks amazingly like Marilyn Monroe, but the personality is her own, more resilient and more knowing."

Long after she's gone, as the mystique and legend of Madonna continues to grow, audiences will be looking at Madonna's Who's That Girl in the same way we look at Jean Harlow's China Seas (1935). That is the beauty of celluloid, time and Real Stars.


  1. Well Said. Hear Hear!

  2. Actually anyone who will recall this ego-piece as something as memorable as a Harlow classic will be laughed at.