Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"This is the First Talk Show I've Ever Done..."

I was 16, My mom dropped me off at 4 am to Burbank Studios and I waited all day to get in to see Madonna on The Tonight Show. My best buddies were there, too. They interviewed and showed me on the evening news - it was Fritz Coleman, local Los Angeles News Anchor, from NBC.

Anyway, we saw her arrive with Debi Mazar, who had a blond lovelock (that Madonna later sported for the Like a Prayer Pepsi Commercial), and Madonna arrived in the outfit she wore on the show with a leather jacket on. She was, of course, gorgeous and fantastic. 4 years into being the Biggest Star That Has Ever Lived, this was her first talk show.

Like everything dealing with Madonna, it was an Event.


  1. And I remember your report just after it happened! (And hearing your voice during the broadcast.)

    Have any pics of Debi with the blonde lovelock?