Friday, April 30, 2010

Ain't No Big Deal. 2.5 Million Dollars for Madonna's 'Personal Diaries'? ***UPDATE journals Yanked off EBAY

The (not so) big deal - Madonna's 'Personal Diaries'

So, as most of you probably know by now, some dude bought some boxes at an auction that belonged to Madonna's ex-assistant Melissa Crow filled with some cool photos, the 1990 birthday poem and other trinkets, blah blah blah. The Ebay seller's big treasures are the legendary $50.00 Tower Records gift card from or to brother Christopher (I can't really figure that one out) and Madonna's Personal Daily Journals 17 pcs Lot '88-'92 that he's selling for the bargain 2.5 million dollars!!! As it turns out, these ARE NOT Madonna's personal diaries but rather her lists for her assistant.

YOU can own Madonna's itemized to do lists for a cool $2.5 mil

As comforting as it sounds, my idea of crawling into bed with a good book never really included an itemized to do list written out for Madonna's assistant. Looks like I won't have to take out that 2.5 million dollar loan, after all. Whew! I can also save that (currently) $52.11 on THIS 'autographed congratulations card' since it's a card called into a florist and signed by some sales-girl.

sales-girl signed flower card.

Is it just me or does his response to a potential buyer's question sounds a little bizarre?

Anyway, good luck and whoever comes out the happy winner, email me the Cliff Notes version of the 4 years and 17 notebooks worth of laundry and grocery lists for her assistant to take care of. Or better yet, maybe you can tell me the brand of popcorn she had Melissa buy for the this shoot?

***update - journals yanked off EBAY - Click HERE.

Thanks mnation09 for update info.


  1. Even though these are not Madonna's personal diaries, I would love love love to go through them! I definitely don't have that kind of money! It's insane but after all it is Madonna!
    Thank you for sharing all of this info. You really keep me updated!!!

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  2. On a side note, did anyone see Christina's video today? I am not impressed but it does create a new game..."Let's Find All The Scenes That Are Blatantly Taken From Other Madonna Videos!"

    The monocle from Express
    The guys dancing in the rain from Express
    Crawing to the bowl from Express
    Patent leather, crazy curly hair, & whip from Huiman Nature
    Various scenes from SEX book
    See-thru raincoat from 90 Vanity Fair (not a video)

    I suppose its flaterring. I like Christina but I can go either way with her. I suppose she didn't do anything different than what Madonna does. She is heavily inspired by movies and other artists for her videos...Power of Goodbye, Hollywood, etc. Sorry to ambush this post Pud...just wanted your opinion.


  4. Actually, I wouldn't want the personal diaries as much as the journals that her music comes from. She has said it in more than one interview about the journals she writes in where the lyics come from. I know its a huge invasion of privacy but to be in the know on her process and to see the raw songs in demo form on paper...WOW!

  5. coca - yes but 2.5 mil? the guy is clueless.

    leandro - xo

    buster - another wannabe.

    ... - you give more than 100. you give your time and im sure its not only here. i find time more valuable. xo

  6. I saw that last night (that he was asking for 2.5 million. Um, what's he smoking. I can see maybe $5,000...*maybe*...but he really is clueless. And yeah, he does seem bizarre. Maybe he stole this shit?

  7. betty, did you see his blackmail-like response in his answer to a question on EBAY?

  8. I think you guys are missing the point on the diaries' high cost—I don't believe the buy truly expect that price (or the high price on the X-rated Polaroid or the high price on the TOD poem). The prices are there so that no one will underbid. In other words, they sit back and receive all kinds of private bids. I prefer regular auctions where you just see what happens. I think those lists are pretty fucking cool myself. They're not the same as having diaries or song lyrics, but they're handwritten by Madonna and refer to many important (and in some cases just interesting) events during that very fertile period of time, no? I noticed the same things you did on the one that isn't signed by her, etc. But it's incredible stuff. I don't think his/her/their response is that kooky. I'm sure they'd be thrilled to sell it all for a set price to Madonna, but Madonna isn't very sentimental so is unlikely to care about Polaroids and notes. I would think she'd buy her own family pic from 1959! I would hope! I would love to hear from Melissa exactly how she came to possess some of the items (most are obviously her), and how this all came to pass.

  9. mattrett, of course. you know how voracious madonna fans are. i dont think theres another star that has that kind of appeal. totally about the family pic. its unbelievable that this happened. i think the negligence on her behalf is quite stupid.

  10. ....said, it's not that madonna living next to your home. It's the POP QUEEN MADONNA. Every her used napkin will be a hot cake. If you can't afford to buy it, don't bother about it.

  11. her assistant said that these items are sold on ebay without her permission. so somebode stole these. why the police don't do something?