Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dolce and Gabbana Ads from Harper's Bazaar

Fantastique! Does this remind anyone else of Catherine Denueve in The Hunger?


  1. Fucken Fabulous is what that is!!!

  2. Pud,
    This particular ad is featured in the US Harper's Bazaar May issue. I have two other ads from current newstand issues W and Vogue that are different. All are posted with a HQ logo-free download via sendspace link.

  3. oh, yeah thanks cover - actually it originally said that and i was going to ad some vogue ones. i forgot to change it back. appreiate the correction. xoxo

  4. Fantastique, yes! And Deneuve, oh yeah. It's got the same vibe.

  5. Here she goes again, ripping other people off. Well, I admit I find some parallels between these pics and Deneuve, only that the latter was always naturally beautiful and the former needs make up and photoshop to project the illusion of beauty. Not to mention Deneuve's talent and Madonna's lack of it.
    But this woman is also cashing in all that Twilight crap. C'est tout déjà vu. She did the same shit for W, when she was photoshoped to death with that Luz gigolo. Madonna repeats herself one again and she doesn't seem to catch up with the times, the zeitgeist.
    She should pose with men her age. Doesn't she realize everybody laughs at her behind her back?

  6. betty - all she needs is that little ankh knife necklace!