Thursday, April 29, 2010

Even More on the Melissa Crow and Madonna EBAY Scandal

Picture being sold from Madonna's 1990 Rock The Vote ad.

The Melissa Crowe and Madonna EBAY scandal grows. If Melissa knew she had this stuff why did she neglect it? This is not a few pieces of old furniture - we are talking about the biggest star that has ever lived and her personal things!!! Listen, that shyt should have been in a safe. I mean Madonna's journals from 1988-1991!!! Hello????????? It's so confusing and seems really bizarre. The moment this stuff went up on EBAY, the news spread like wildfire in the Madonna Community - on all the Madonna dedicated forums, websites and blogs.

I don't have a storage space, so I don't know, but aren't you informed when your space is going up for auction? Don't you sign your life away when you get one and it clearly states if you miss [X] amount of payments the content then becomes theirs and goes up for auction? The stupidity and neglect factor is enormous.


This is directly from the buyers mouth - Jack. Doesn't exactly put little Missy Crow in the best light:

Everyone keeps telling me Melissa is confused that I purchased her things at auction. She is saying I obtained and selling her things without her knowledge(ment). Well here is the truth, I found the legal ad and Melissa Crow is in the ad.


Notice is hereby given that on Sunday,April 25, 2010 at the hour of 10:00am of said date, at 20333 Corisco St, City of Chatsworth, County of Los Angeles, State of CA, the undersigned will sell at public auction for cash, in lawful money of the United States, the articles herein after described, belonging to, or deposited with, the undersigned by the persons herein after named at: JBL Moving & Storage, 20333 Corisco St, Chatsworth,CA 94311. Said goods are being held on the accounts of: Robert Lewis, Donna Dockstader, Beth Levy, Melissa Crow.

All other goods are described as household goods, furniture, antiques, appliances, tools, misc goods, office furniture, artwork, business and/or office equipment, rugs, electronics, sealed cartons and the unknown. The auction will be made for the purpose of satisfying the lien of the undersigned on said personal property to the extent of the sum owed,
together with the cost of the sale.

For information contact:
Kelly at JBL Moving & Storage (818) 908-9889.
Terms: $100 cash only deposit, payment and removal day of sale, credit cards accepted, 13% buyer's premium, 3% buyer’s premium discount for cash, inspection the morning of sale 9:00am to sale time. For additional information and terms contact American Auctioneers, Dan Dotson & Associates (800) 838-SOLD,
or fax (909) 790-0433.
Bond #FS863-20-14.
4/9, 4/16/10


  1. If you Google the bond # at the end, it doesnt match his description that he sent you. Something's fishy......

  2. They probably have to post her name in the paper 30 days before the sale of goods. That way if they don't have her most recent contact info (which from MTribe sounds is true - she moved 8x or something) they can say they attempted to contact to make restitution.

    I'm betting that's what happened. And since Melly Mel probably (like any normal person) doesn't sit around reading the classifieds or auction listings she missed it and was never the wiser.

    Guessing on all of this, of course.

  3. angel - the entire thing is fishy. what is up with miss melissa?

    cm - all bizarre. xo

  4. I want that pic with the American flad in my bedroom!

    This was the Madonna that made her the ICON that she is now!!

    I love her in ther 1990's!!!

  5. This DRAMA's got me so hooked. I am fascinated by this. My only regret is not having predicted this and saved in advance. How random is that Melly Mel had posession of M's diaries and childhood pictures?? If I were her, even if I gave 2 fucks about M, I would have kept all of that myself, considering it IS so valuable. TERRIBLE!

  6. Everytime i think about this whole mess I just bust out laughing so hard. this is fuckking hysterical!!!! Poor Melly Mel is so fucked! No one can do a damned thing about it. It's great to see all this stuff. And I have a feeling this is just a glimpse of what it's going to be like when M passes away or something like. Stuff is just gonna come pouring out like wildfire! Sorry for being so morbid. I'm having my 2nd glass of wine for dinner. LOL

  7. looks like its not such a big deal after all. these are not madonna's personal diaries but rather the to do lists for melissa.

    "melissa get that vegetable soup i love from prgresso at the market." haha!

  8. I couldn't sleep all night thinking of this whole Madonna ebay scandal. I even took some diazepam. I'm so very sad. The only happy people here is fat Melissa, who's counting the money she's gonna make out of this auction. She's been smart in letting other people doing the dirty job, and she's been smart too in getting ridding of all that useless junk. But I wonder... maybe it's poor old hag Madonna herself who concocted the whole thing (like she didi with her brother tell-all) and who could blame her? She's not receiving much attention these days. Poor thing.