Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Glee was Great. The Power of Madonna.

Loved the Open Your Heart girl in the background. Not one of the usual suspects.

Glee. Glee. Glee. It's all I've been hearing about since October 2009 when Madonna gave them the rights to her catalog. Never heard of it prior and never saw the show until last night's episode The Power of Madonna and loved it. That's the way Madonna should be referred to all the time.

Jane Lynch as the Sue Sylvester character is everything! Her lines were great, her delivery was beyond brilliant. She's the star.


Haha! I need a bullhorn. Whoever wrote it had all their shyt straight. The girl wanting to take the boy's virginity to get to the top of Sue's class was so clever. I always thought of losing my virginity as a career move - Madonna 1985. Sue wanting to send the kids to New York with 35 dollars in their pocket! And the way she said it - classic! Haha! It was brilliantly written.

As far as the songs, not at all my thing with those weird singing voices and my first reaction when each song started was 'WRONG' but then a minute in, it was alright. However, I enjoyed the Borderline/Open Your Heart bit - never thought of those two mixed and really how complementary they are to one another. Loved that Burning Up was in the background for one scene. Bizarrely, The cast album, Glee: The Power of Madonna lands at Number 1 next week according to Hits Daily Double. I guess people dig this shyt. Tuesdays episode attracted 13.5 million viewers and was so successful that word is they want to do a Part 2. I would definitely watch.

If you missed it, you can watch it HERE.


  1. It was so popular, they are doing an encore presentation on Friday. I've been a Glee fan from the first episode. I am not a show tunes kind of guy - I think I have only seen one broadway show and Evita is the only musical film I ever saw (not counting Grease and those kinds of films). The music is fun and how it is incorporated into the show. Far fetched? Definitely. Entertaining? All the time! The show has so much heart in it - the writing is brilliant. I have to say that one cheerleader with few lines steals the shows. Last night it was "when I pulled a hamstring, I went to see a misogynist!" CLASSIC! I have to agree with the Borderline/Open Your Heart mash up. It was perfection. Those lyrics apart are incredible...those lyrics together? I was WOW'd! The show is smart and funny and positive messages are thrown in weekly. Its a great show.

  2. i really like it buster. hope they do another madonna one!!! that sue sylvester, omg - havent seen a character like that in ages!!!

  3. Not since Mrs. Musso from 'Parker Louis Can't Lose'.