Tuesday, April 20, 2010

True Blue 45

The True Blue 45 and single artwork.

Ah, the True Blue 45. Mesmerizing. Blue vinyl (!!!) with a b-side of Ain't No Big Deal - originally set as her first single, the song that really got her signed to Sire Records. First properly produced by Mark Kamins then produced by Reggie Lucas for the Madonna album but discarded last minute and then replaced with Holiday. It had been previously released a few years earlier on a rare Warner B-Sides Album called Revenge of the Killer B's prior to the release of Like of Virgin. If you're interested, I posted about it HERE.

Anyway, Ain't No Big Deal got its proper release here on the 45 and the masses got to hear the very Motown sounding song, a perfect companion piece to True Blue - which hearkened the Sixties girl groups. True Blue was the third single off Madonna's True Blue album and written and produced by Madonna and Stephen Bray. This glorious piece of retro sounding pop candy reached number 3 on the US Billboard charts and the top ten around the globe.


  1. I didn't get it when it was released because I didn't really believe it was limited edition and the blue single would always be around. Then, when I showed a friend when I was out shopping (how the single was blue), I pulled out a random one and it was just a plain, old black vinyl 45! I went looking for it, and every place seemed sold out of it. I later found one in some record collector's sale for $20 in the mid-90s. I couldn't afford it at the time. Then, finally I moved to Pittsburgh and scoured record stores and tracked it down for a reasonable price. The b-side is so fun!

  2. Interesting that the rest of the world first got "Ain't No Big Deal" on 45 a few months earlier - as it was the b-side to "Papa Don't Preach" in the UK and elsewhere!

    I adore ANBD!

  3. alec - that blows. but glad you finally got it. xo

    jamsey - never knew pdp had aint no big deal over seas. i love it , too - one of my favs. xo

  4. My ex broke my blue vinyl copy of True Blue after an argument! It took me years to find a replacement copy!

  5. give me his address - i will go break his legs for breaking anything madonna related!!! especially the true blue single!!! haha!!!

  6. I just found this blue vinyl single at a record store for $1.00! I just about peed my pants I was so happy!