Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hard Candy Teaser Commercial and Album Art

I will never forget when the Hard Candy promo commercial hit. I don't know where to start on the brilliance. It was all flashback 80's. So you're sitting there with your remote control and you see the Jane Fonda shyt, then pass the 1-900-FUCK-ME ads but then it rewinds, slows and pauses on the VCR. Genius.

Steady there, roll it up...

I also know and heard the fans complaints on the album cover (What's new, Buenos Aires?). To me, another stroke of genius. You know when the Madonna Forum fans hate it, its an artistic achievement because - well, just because. I'll always remember riding my bike on Hollywood Blvd. and there was this group waiting at the bus stop and behind them were the album ads on the bench. They were all looking at it with pure disgust. I laughed. That was all I needed to know it was perfect. Job well done, sweetie.

In an era of downloading and Album Cover Art going completely unnoticed, Madonna always makes sure that hers will be acknowledged by everyone...across the globe.

The Punk Pop Fuck You Whore: Still vulgar and, above all, still fantastic - 25 years in.

CLICK HERE for some photos I took for the wonderful of the Hard Candy bus stops around Los Angeles in April 2008.


  1. Yea, I agree with you Pud. The cover art is pure vintage Madonna, I've always loved it too. A big fuck you to the critics. Still provocative, still stunning x

  2. so provocative! its like a big swirly pink puss! haha! and that brilliant commercial. does anyone know who put that together? it really is genius to me. i knew great things were to come from that alone - it set the tone for me. xo

  3. well...i prefer the original shoot with the boxe bacground...but I accepted this too...

  4. wonderful cover, love the back cover too. shes like a big blow up sex doll!!!! ;0)