Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Physical Attraction 1983

The year was 1983 and in Boston, Massachusetts - Madonna performed one of those 'track dates' with her back up dancers, Erica Bell and Bags. Remember how she was always on about those 'track dates' in her interviews in the early days, pre-Virgin? Anyway, she sang Physical Attraction, Lucky Star, Burning Up, Holiday and Everybody. In 2000 or 2001, there was a Madonna Convention in Los Angeles at The Palace on Vine Street and I went, reluctantly. I thought I was above all that shit but they played the entire Boston show and my face super crack'd. It was all live and fantastic. I would have died for that show in 1983 - shyt I would die for it now.

Bits and pieces of this show have been on the internet for years and my friend Alex sent me the bulk of the first half of Physical Attraction today. Evidently, it comes from the wonderful MadonnaTribe.com and Summer82 shared it. I've pieced and edited all the additional missing footage together to get all of Physical Attraction. It's not perfect but it's perfect for us because it's all we got. Enjoy. xo

Oh, yeah - Don't be alarmed that you can't hear the dreary dude in the beginning - they're sound checking.

This is the Madonna I fell in love with and the reason I am still in love with her 27 years later. That sex voice, that whore face and that fluid, funky fuck club dancing that she finally resurrected for the Sticky and Sweet Tour in 2008.


  1. that last paragraph was spot on! but fuck club new york productions and their damn chryon.....ugh


  2. totally. theyre so jaded. i added the last two minutes from various footage ive collected over the years.

  3. wow. that was really amazing and reminded me why i'm so inspired by her. thanks for posting that!

  4. I could not agree with you more! It's the Madonna I adore!

  5. i love when she comes out - shes a diminutive little sex bomb!

  6. Fuck yes! Still my favorite album, my favorite look. She's just so raw and ready. I love her regardless, but the early days are the best! Little street urchin whore. Love her!