Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lezbatonical clits across America were flittering about.

"Madonna Stole My Lesbian Lover" - National Enquirer - November 10, 1992

Long before Sandra Bernhard entered Madonna's universe in 1988, lesbian rumors about her had been around ever since first manager Camille Barbone opened that hole she calls a mouth, starting around 1985. She would tell anyone that would listen about Angie Smit. Angie was the bass player in The Breakfast Club, fellow dancer and also Madonna's co-star in A Certain Sacrifice. Carpet cleaner Camille's version went something like this: Madonna and Angie would lure men into their web, fool around with each other and throw the men away without doing them any 'favors'. Therefore teasing and emasculating them.

Left to right: Angie Smit, Ed Gilroy, Dan Gilroy, Madonna. The Breakfast Club circa 1980

Fast forward to 1988 and Madonna and Sandra's legendary performance on David Letterman dressed as the Bobbsey Twins. Madonna was doing her run of Speed the Plow at the Royale Theatre on Broadway and Sandra was doing her one woman show, Without You, I'm Nothing at the Orpheum. While still married to Sean Penn, the lesbian rumors were in full swing. The tabloids had a field day with Madonna and Sandra (termed Gal Pals) for a healthy 4 years. They also nurtured these rumors on many occasions peaking publicly with the performance of Sonny and Cher's I Got You Babe on May 24, 1989 at the Don't Bungle the Jungle Benefit Concert. Their alleged affair went on until that fateful day when Madonna met Ingrid Casares at her New Years Eve Party closing 1991 (according to the National Enquirer article posted above). That story was so big back in the day and it's fascinating how years later an Enquirer story becomes fact.

Exit Bernhard, who to this day is still so jaded when it comes to Madonna (Without You, I'm Nothing is right), and enter Ingrid. For many years it looked as though Ingrid was Madonna's dagger husband. YouTube Madonna's interview with Charlie Rose on 60 minutes in 1999 and watch an unsatisfied Madonna moaning about not wanting to do the interview and Ingrid stepping in and demanding "You WILL do this interview!" Lezbatonical clits across America were flittering about.


  1. The Madonna-Sandra Bernhard "affair" is a great drama and such an important part of the whole Madonna Myth--- although I hated it back in the late 80s and early 90s. I had several tabloids from '88 and '89 about "their strange relationship," including a little article about their appearance on David Letterman back in '88. But now I can't find them. I don't know what happened to them and I would love to read them again now.

  2. Unable to find the Charlie Rose 60 minutes interview anywhere. I have been wanting to see it for some time. Do you have a copy you can post?

  3. ive got it somewhere - i will try and find it vablue. xo

  4. 'dagger husband'?

    I've never heard that before and I googled it and nothing came up. Was it a typo or am I missing out on some cool (lesbionic?) lingo here? ;)

    Also, plllease if you can put up the 60 minutes vid? That, I have to see!

  5. ho cHo scritto un libro su Angie e Madonna, Angie Smit era stata la donna di Keith Richard a 16 anni,con Madonna il rapporto era artistico per cercare come nel film girato a New York A CERTAIN SACRIFICE o nel gruppo musicale Breakfast club di esprimere quello che stavano imparando alla scuola di danza che frequentavano.

  6. "L'ultima volta che ho rivisto Madonna a New York

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    Disse " eh c'è da fare un nuovo film "… l'altro che aveva fatto insieme era

    stato "A Certain Sacrifice" ma non ero interessata ero provata da

    quanto successomi, ho quattro interviste registrate, a New York,

    Angie su Madonna, a Rotterdam, Angie a Hollywood.

    Dice di Keith

    Richards che in uno chalet in Svizzera dopo alcuni giorni trascorsi

    insieme compose la canzone al pianoforte , la musica, le parole

    le scrisse Mick Jagger.

    Lei era minorenne, aveva 16 anni e mezzo, la moglie di Keith Richards

    aveva un figlio in arrivo, lui stava disintossicandosi.

    Era la tournée con cui stavano insieme da alcuni mesi e una relazione

    non tanto segreta visto che c'era Mick Jagger componenti amici ed entours dei Rolling Stones

    ma anche altri che ne erano a conoscenza.

    La canzone Angie era un addio, la fine della relazione che era il

    paradiso ma non poteva continuare già famiglia e legami erano


    Keith lo aveva incontrato per la prima volta in un campo fiorito sulla

    montagna, proprio nel paese in cui i Rolling Stones erano di casa

    Francia, lui stava in aveva avuto uno spettacolo e vi era un raduno di

    giovani probabilmente collegato alla presenza dei Rolling Stones