Friday, April 23, 2010

Retro Vamp

Unretouched photo used for cover of Rolling Stone magazine's Flesh and Fantasy pictorial 1991

Test Polaroid


  1. Hi Pud! Thank you so much for this great site. I live in Russia and I'm Madonna's fan since 1991. Now there are a lot of sources dedicated to Madonna and representing her current life. But that time in Russia it was extremly difficult to find any information about Madonna and Madonna's 80-90th era is my favorite, so it's big pleasure for me to read your posts!

  2. vivianna - my pleasure. love to you and russia! xo

  3. Great shots. So simple yet very evocative of the 30's burlesque scene.

  4. Why outakes use to be better than main shots?? I think Meisel and Ritts are the best Madonna's shoots!!! Thanks Pud for sharing with us, as collector I admire you a lot!!

  5. Hey PUD,

    I love the outtake much more than the photo used for the cover. Man she was so sexy back then.

    You know what I always wondered....
    Why some of her magazine spreads had only a few shots when she graced the cover. For example, the Rollingstone cover from 2005. She looked so hot in the red dress and all they uesed was a backstage pic from the Europe MTV Awards...what a let down. Another downer was the the Inverview Magazine cover in 2008. Again, there were so many outtakes they could have use on the inside. The outakes were not even used anywhere else. :( That goes for the Dazed and Confused and Q magazine covers from 2008 too!

    AND - why can they use those out-ttakes for her calanders??? The last few years her calanders have been so boring. She needs new management I think.

    Anyways...keep up the good work PUD!
    Where do u get all of this stuff anyway?

  6. r1 - totally. xo

    diego - that isn't an outtake its a test polaroid before the shoot. i love it, too.

    BMC - interesting you say that because it was with Madonna that magazines started doing 10+ page pictorials back in the day. Usually artists were lucky to get a few shots in but with Madonna it was always a big production. W continues to do the pictorials but other magazines are losing readers so as im sure youve noticed theyve shrank, in general.

    I found this polaroid shot a few years ago on the now defunct madonna-shine which was a link off the great the link is still there off DM, but it no longer works. it was the header into their 90's shots. wish we had it in higher quality. xo

  7. Fan-bloody-tastic! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Polaroid!

  8. BMC: I agree 1000% with you!! so many amazing shots and last calendars or mag issues were really poor, we love her and we want to see more, we need to see more!
    Polaroid is just A M A I Z I N G!!!
    Thanks Pud!!!