Friday, April 23, 2010

Joni Mitchell opens that hole she calls a mouth again...

Filthy rotten Joni Mitchell really needs to shut that hole. She can't get through an interview without discussing Madonna. Again, she was spewing her shyt to the Los Angeles Times. Click HERE to read more shyt that per per Joni has said about our glorious lady throughout the years. What's with these females (I dont even want to call them women) and their issues with Madonna? They're so jaded.


  1. That is so disappointing, as I've always enjoyed Joni Mitchell's music. I had no idea she was such a jaded bitch. Of course I love Madonna, and I adore Dylan too! Geniuses both!

  2. Misquoted. I'd say you too are jaded when it comes to the fabulously talented Joni, Mr. Whacker! One quote is like twenty five years old, and so it doesn't measure Madonna's legacy. Another simply states that artists like Madonna pay to get on the radio...Not that much of a stretch really as payola has been a driving force behind every mega-successful commercial artist. And the last one doesn't even mention her name. Joni vs. Dylan? Really? Uggg. I agree that comment is completely bizarre coming from her, but perhaps the interviewer should have questioned her further rather than leaving the quote raw like that.

  3. houdin - haha! xo

    yes betty - terribly disappointing especially because madonna, since the beginning of career, has named joni mitchell as an influence and said court and spark was her bible to harry dean stanton in 'interview magaine' 1985.

    well, AC, one of the quotes is indeed 23 years old. and todays quote remains and the last one, when i made this post was less than 5 months ago.

    joni has a habitual problem with madonna and has publicly - that i can trace back - for 23 years.

    its too bad because joni is becoming a boy george. known to a new generation for her madonna slanders rather than her music. as i siad, sh cant get through an interview without dropping her name in a disparagingly way. xo

  4. oh I remember your birthday wish!

    Regardless of what she says, Joni had a very productive decade from the late 1960s. I admire what she left of herself, and obviously Madonna did too. What is most gracious on Madonna's part is that she doesn't feel the need for mutual admiration to continue professing her admiration. When Court and Spark came out, Madonna had no idea what was in store for her. However, whatever influence it had is surely worth noting, and that is all that counts. Joni's issues are with the recording industry. Unlike Madonna, she did not know how to ditch the dead and sign with a Live Nation or whatever opportunity might have knocked in her day. She is of the Hall and Oates school of though on that panel all those years ago. She thought she was a modernist, but she was like the intellectual's Debbie Harry. Once she went back to her musical roots decades later, her talent became the focus of her work again. Her commentary is inflammatory, but informative in its context.

  5. Joni's sitting at the same table as Alison Goldfrapp. It's a shame Joni can't recognise a talented and hard working woman when she sees one. My guess is it's Madonna who'll be remembered in 100 years, not Joni.

  6. From now on I will be referring to Joni Mitchell as "Triple J" -- Jaded, jealous Joni.