Monday, April 26, 2010

Madonna's Legendary Birthday Poem to Melissa Crowe!

The same guy is also selling the Birthday Poem from Madonna to Melissa on EBAY HERE.


  1. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Isn't this the craziest thing? Phots from as early as 1986 that we have never seen! I hate to think about this but on the day of her passing and years after, the rarist of Madonna items will be flooding America!!! Its so fascinating because she's fascinating! That after all these years we still give a shit! It amazes me! I LOVE THIS WOMAN!

  2. Holy shit!! This is unreal. And so very cool! I want more, more, MORE!

  3. This poem was priceless!!! I loved it!

  4. WOW! Did you see this pic from the same year? AMAZING!!!

  5. Hey Pud! Did you notice that now YOUR AMAZING WEBSITE is mentioned in this auction LOL!

    There's a link to this very post in the ebay auction now! :-)

  6. trippy - he could pull out one of those herb ritts shots and send it to me as gratitude, dont you think? haha!!! xo

  7. Nothing exciting like this has happened in the Madonna community in a long while. Not even the Chris Ciccone book can compare to this shit!

  8. Everyone keeps telling me Melissa is confused that i purchased her things at auction. She is saying i obtained and selling her things without her knowledgement. well here is the truth, i found the legal ad and Melissa Crow is in the ad.

    ST, CHATSWORTH 94311
    Notice is hereby given that on Sunday,
    April 25, 2010 at the hour of 10:00am of
    said date, at 20333 Corisco St, City of
    Chatsworth, County of Los Angeles, State
    of CA, the undersigned will sell at public
    auction for cash, in lawful money of the
    United States, the articles hereinafter
    described, belonging to, or deposited
    with, the undersigned by the persons
    hereinafter named at: JBL Moving &
    Storage, 20333 Corisco St, Chatsworth,
    CA 94311. Said goods are being held on
    the accounts of: Robert Lewis, Donna
    Dockstader, Beth Levy, Melissa Crow. All
    other goods are described as household
    goods, furniture, antiques, appliances,
    tools, misc goods, office furniture, artwork,
    business and/or office equipment, rugs,
    electronics, sealed cartons and the
    unknown. The auction will be made for the
    purpose of satisfying the lien of the
    undersigned on said personal property to
    the extent of the sum owed, together with
    the cost of the sale. For information
    contact Kelly at JBL Moving & Storage
    (818) 908-9889. Terms: $100 cash only
    deposit, payment and removal day of
    sale, credit cards accepted, 13% buyer's
    premium, 3% buyer’s premium discount
    for cash, inspection the morning of sale
    9:00am to sale time. For additional
    information and terms contact American
    Auctioneers, Dan Dotson & Associates
    (800) 838-SOLD, or fax (909) 790-0433.
    Bond #FS863-20-14.
    4/9, 4/16/10

  9. hey jack,

    well, extremely interesting stuff you stumbled upon there. the items you have are beyond fantastic from a fans point of view and that is really interesting regarding melissa for it did seem a bit bizarre. thanks for clearing that up.

    however, this is a fan site and I dont profit nor do i want to from madonna - in any way, shape or form.

    It's interesting that you started the bid at $1,000.00 and now you changed it to $100,000.00. for this poem.

    this news was all over the madonna community and when i posted this, it was not my intention for you to use my blog for promotion of the sale of this letter by linking it to your ebay.

    this site is dedicated to madonna - for real fans.

    even though you thanked me, there is no need because what i do is for madonna's diehard fans.

    thanks for stopping by. xo

  10. Funny thing about Madonna claim about not being her Journals. She had her people pull the items in hand first thing. I can even show the quote from ebay if you like to see it. So who is lying about this?

  11. Noticed they removed the journals as well as the black book with contacts in it. So what will you do with them next? Are they fighting you for them?

  12. yeah jack, id love to see what her people said. send it to

  13. Oh Jack. You're not the brightest of bulbs, are you? It was rather obvious that of the items you purchased under the radar from Melissa Crowe's delinquent storage unit, the diaries and notebooks would be the first to be flagged by M's attorneys relatively quickly. If you even had an ounce of sense, you'd have done your research and understood that these were worth more than any reserve price on ebay. I think you will probably find a vocation better suited to you in the pursuit of Joanne Germanotta. She is more your caliber and is probably willing to sell you her notebooks herself using her paypal account. Good riddance.