Monday, April 26, 2010

More Fabulousness!!!

Some dude that purchases storage vaults at auctions evidently came across all this shyt that belonged to Melissa Crowe! Unbelievable. These are being sold on EBAY. click HERE


  1. jp - could you imagine coming across this storage space?!!!

  2. As I said to you earlier Pud - I'm gagging at all this stuff!!!

    And no kidding - I was looking at it all on eBay and thinking "this is SO Pud's Blog"! :-) :-) :-)

    It's crazy as you say, to think that this person came accross this "storage space" and has ended up with unthinkable amounts of Madonna gems.

    As the years go by I wonder what we will all end up seeing - that we never thought possible. It's fascinating!!!!

  3. jamesy - haha! its amazing! i think she has done sooooo much and is such an incredible star - THE GREATEST STAR THAT HAS EVER LIVED, that even 50 years from now, i think there will be madonna tours.

    I was watching sticky the other night and it dawned on me. there will be madonna tours long after were gone. everything is all digital media and shyt. think like 'the beast within' from RIT and 'die another day' from sticky...mark my words - they will be as interested in her when we are all long gone as they are today - if not more. xo

  4. WOW! another of one of them just when you thought you had seen it all moments!! yes pud she is the greatest..she is the star of stars..what a beauty she is. one of my favorite shoots of hers. there should be a giant book made with all these shots in, can you imagine.

  5. That man HAS to be the luckiest bastard in the world. Apart from Jesus Luz. I would kill for the Melly Mel dedicated poem ♥

  6. great pics!
    some of them have been used in the who's that girl - tourbook though...
    one lucky guy - but he sells the stuff,
    I'd keep it!

  7. my favourite jean seberg inspired shoot - and all of the contacts for it. MY GOD I WANT THEM