Monday, April 25, 2011

'Twas The Most Famous Belly Button in the World.

Madonna on her Belly Button - Spin Magazine 1985

Oh, that beautiful Italian puttana and her fuck me belly.

Remember how infamous Madonna's belly button was? I mean seriously, it had a life of its own. From 1983 to 1985 Madonna's belly button was on constant display. From the first album's inner sleeve to the Borderline and Lucky Star videos, Madonna was our little peek-a-boo Italian whore. Whip me up a plate of puttanesca...

The Belly Button was properly immortalized by Ken Regan for her first ever People Magazine cover in March of 1985. I remember seeing that picture for the very first time and being mesmerized. I still am. Look at it. All the wanna-bes had to have was a pair of scissors and boy did they - shirts were being shredded from coast to coast. Everyone was exhibiting their belly buttons. It's all she and the media spoke about! Back in the day it was considered lewd and vulgar. Magnifico!

Madonna immortalizing that famous belly button for her first People Magazine cover feature - March 1985

Madonna on her Belly Button - Time Magazine 1985


  1. Interesting to note after reading her belly button quote, that it's no longer an inny! I think after having children the look of it had changed significantly. Looking at the Ray of Light video pics, it appears it changed to an outty! Looking at the tour book Sticky Sweet pics, it looks like she's an inny again, sort of... Hmm

  2. God yea, remember the belly button? It was such a big deal :) So sweet and sexy.
    Loved the Genesis video Land Of Confusion where her Spitting Image puppet takes centre stage amongst a latex sea of pop glitteratti and the mic is passed to her belly button to sing :) x

  3. Love, love that belly button, especially early on when the tummy was a little bit fleshy. So sexy.

  4. @ houdinichad: wasn't she supposed to have had an operation for a stomach-hernia a few years back?If I remember correctly..

    @Ivor: I completely forgot about that Genesis video! That was so funny, even funnier now related to this post. Thanks for reminding me
    *looking it up on youtube*

  5. She said during BBC's 1990 Omnibus documentary (which is brilliant by the way) that the belly button story was "a damn lie" she made up for the sake of it.

  6. @Dontlookback

    I seen that somewhere too!




  7. And don't forget, M's belly button was also celebrated in song:

    "Madonna? - Her belly button is absolutely mahvelous!"
    ~ Billy Crystal, "You Look Marvelous" (1985 single/video)

  8. I have the People magazine poster hanging right now. Worship the button.

  9. I think I remember being turned on as a little 7 year old lass when I first saw her belly button in the Lucky Star video. Turned on for a 7 year old anyway. I think Madonna made me like girls ;)

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