Monday, May 10, 2010

Wannabe Worship: Christina Aguilera

Oh Christina, Express Yourself.

Evidently, Express Yourself was more powerful than we thought.

Listen, for any music video buff or Madonna fan, it's unbelievable what is happening out on the female music video scene at the moment. The wannabe Madonna montages are totally out of control. I mean, I can go on about that Telephone video 'starring' that Joanne "Lady Gaga" Goober, which is just a Madonna career spanning video montage on crack - but she's just too horrid to sit through and screen-cap and since they're all doing it, we will go with a face that's more tolerable, Christina Aguilera.

Now we have Christina Aguilera and the first single from her new Bionic album, Not Myself Tonight. The video should be called Like an Express Yourself Blond Ambition Human Nature Justify My Love - with florescent super market lighting. Then I saw her on YouTube with Oprah (click HERE) and from the thumbnail I thought it was Madonna's Like a Prayer on Blond Ambition. I mean really? Now, it's just as idiotic with Miss Christina, like Joanne Goober, but Christina has that voice (YouTube It's a Mans World at the Grammy's HERE) and a face. However, Ladies and Goobers can we get some originality in here? Where's Vanity when we need a Hallelujah!

I don't speak from the bung - I'm quite well aware of Madonna's references. The difference is Madonna always pulled from other mediums: photography, cinema, painters and brought that into the rock music world - which is why poor Joni Mitchell, at any moment, is about take a fist full of pills. These girls are pulling from Madonna who is in the same field - all doing montages of her career. Pathetic! Hence why Madonna recently said she will have to reinvent the wheel. And she will and everyone will turn right along with her, as always.

Somewhere The Queen is having a good hearty laugh over her macrobiotic mung bean soup. She wanted to rule the world and by the look of it, she is.

The music journalists today, I have zero respect for. They should be explaining this, not me. The doors were exploded open by Madonna and her TNT years ago. The land was conquered. These girls still talking about female sexual liberation is ridiculous. They sound like Jerry Springer girls. Wearing garters and a bodice does not equate emancipation any longer. For these pop princesses, it's time to start building - the way Madonna is building orphanages in Malawi. Can't these girls take it further? Only Madonna will continue to do so, whenever She chooses to return to the music world.

Obviously, the others aren't smart, brave or pissed off enough like Madonna is. Well, there is one doing it her way and not by Madonna's template, but I will touch on her later.

I guess Morrissey was right in 1987:


  1. Madonna will always be the leader. And she likes it that way.

    But I honestly would love to hear your take on Telephone and the Madonna references there. I didnt notice any. I guess I should take another look. The only feeling i got was from Who's That Girl. But that's because of the jail setting.

  2. Pud, you said it so well and everything I was thinking. i lost a chunk more respect for xtina after this video. it's just so blatant and lazy. there's nothing i loathe more than a lazy popstar. shame on you, christina. did she think people would forget?

    and i think i know who you're referring to at the end of your post. when i think of her i think bravery, intelligence and angst... she dabbles in the M template but also marches to her own drum. but i might be wrong. we shall see. love you!

  3. Pud did I mention that I loved you? :-)

    This piece of writing has now taken the accolade of "BEST POST EVER". I am crying with laughter reading it.

    I don't know what you do for a living, but I hope you're a professional writer or something along those lines. You are bloody good!

  4. PUD, I love you too! Maybe more than loves you! HE HE HE! YES, there will never be another Madonna. There is no argument there! The one and only! I honestly believed she paved the way - sure there were female singers before her; Cher, Chrissy Hynde, Blondie. And we can even go further than that with Diana Ross and so on. My point is Madonna came after them and I don't think she took any pieces of them to make who she was/is. Maybe some Chrissy and Blondie in the very beginning but its hard to pin point. But here's an interesting point.

    If you go back to Madonna's videos and tours and career in general over time, she has certainly been "inspired" by others.

    The Power of Goodbye being 100% inspired by the Joan Crawford film that you bloged about

    Hollywood video being 100% inspired by artist Guy Bourdin

    Vogue being very inspired by Malcolm Mclaren's Deep In Vogue from a year before (granted that song is crap but nonetheless)

    Love Profusion taken from Billie Piper’s “Honey to the Bee” from 5 years before Madonnas

    Confessions theme taken from Kylie Minogue the photo shoot, 1-888-Confess, etc)

    Sky Fits Heaven lyrics taken from a 1993 GAP commercial

    The backdrop to Let It Will Be taken from Tina Turner's Acid Queen album cover

    The Rolling Stone photo shoot from a 70's film (can't remember the name) but the shoot is with the red dress from 2005 I think.

    And throughout Madonna's career, she has been inspired by the looks of Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, Jean Harlow, Jane Mansfield, Marlene Dietrich and so it goes.

    If Christina took from Madonna from Express, Madonna took from Metropolis. Its an inevitable cycle! Artists are inspired by other artists and of course it will effect their work. I would hardly call it unoriginal and lazy. Madonna is approaching 30 years in her career and its silly to think that Madonna's work will not inspire new artists. Just like Madonna was inspired by all of the above mentioned.

    The only thing is no one has been able to do it like Madonna. How she did was sheer genuis!!! I loved Madonna in 1983 and I love her today! Rare is the artist who can do such a thing!

  5. When I mentioed Love Profusion taken from Billie Piper’s “Honey to the Bee” from 5 years before Madonnas...I was talking about the video.

  6. I guess Christina is going "Back To Basics" again with Madonna. LOL

  7. Ha ha! Hey Pud, you should have sa"id: I would say METROPOLIS was more powerful than we thought". Plagiarism of plagiarism! A string of "hommages". Hahaha

  8. Madonna es la reina del universo, por favor voten por Madonna aquí:

  9. It's when female artists start copying people like Mariah Carey that we need to worry. Christina's performance had elements of 'Candy Shop' to me in some ways. Never liked any of her previous music, but I like this new song, got more balls than she normally has.

    If it's a tribute to M, then so be it!

  10. thank god for pud! when i saw aguilera in oprah i thought just the same thing!!! madonna in blond ambition's like a prayer performance (with a little touch of candy shop sticky and sweet intro)! the video of not myself tonight is sooooooo similar to madonna's videos! i mean the scenes are totally copy-paste! and i hate it when everyone says that not myself tonight copies gaga when the whole video is totally madonna! buster we all know that madonna "inspired" by other artists, but there is a difference. madonna made unpopular or underground things, popular and approachable to everyone! madonna's wannabes copy her so openly!!!
    i hate it when people don't give credits to madonna, when it's more than obvious that she deserves every little thing she did and does in music industry and she's a true living legend!

  11. Well,like someone already pointed out,Madonna copies/inspire/whatever you want to call it from other artists too,so,i dont know why we get so surprise with this.

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  13. Buster...The film you are referrring to is Tommy. You have a pretty extensive list, which excludes a good few other references throughout Madonna's videos and iconic photo shoots. However, what is glaring in everything you refer to is that Madonna took from other mediums and paid homage. There was a cool and understated intelligence to Madonna's vision that made the finished product both easily relatable and intellectually stimulating. She wasn't looking to be Guy Bourdin. She did not shoot other models in the Hollywood video while behind the camera because she is not an accomplished photographer nor to my knowledge is she looking to pursue photography as an artist. Even when explicit, it is different: Madonna's homage to Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in which she juxtaposes materialism and simplicity, the singer as actress rather than the actress as singer. Christina and Joanne are both using the same medium as Madonna and are also the subject of their product, and, while not exact replicas, the similarities seem disrespectfully lifted as if they might fly under the radar because young people have no knowledge of what came before them.

  14. @ skountouflis I see your point. Madonna did bring many things not known by many to popularity but that just takes care of Vogue. The lyrics from Sky Fits Heaven taken from the 93 commercial, Joe Henry's song Stop, and if you hear Pharrell's demo of Heartbeat, you will know that 100% of the music and 90% of the lyrics were already written before she "co-wrote it." I give Madonna 100% for everything she has done but taking inspiration from other's art is the same regardless of popularity. We are punishing new artists for being unoriginal and lazy but Madonna has creativly done the same. I don't think its unoriginal or lazy at all. Art inspires art - I get it. I am not dogging Madonna one bit but after 27 years of loving and following this woman, I can be objective about her work. I don't love her any less and I agree with all of you...she is a true living legend!

  15. @ Alexander Christ I agree...Madonna had "a cool and understated intelligence" to her vision. Done so beautifully! Power of Goodbye is one of my favorite videos of hers. I never thought she wanted to BE Guy Bourdin but she recreated his work to mirror it. It looks great - and its art inspired by art. Regardless of the medium. Do I think they did it better? NEVER! Are they reaching a whole new audience who might not have grown up with Madonna? YES! Just as Glee did. For that show to do an entire episode of Madonna educates the very young on just what kind of impact Madonna made in the last 30 years. Instead of disrespectful, I find it flattering. While they can never do it quite like her, its flattering.

  16. jamesy - im glad you got the humor! xoxoxo!!!

    buster - i thought it was clear in the piece. making guy bourdins or horst p. horst's pictures come to life for ME, is an entirely different story. being in the same industry and using the same medium is just WEIRD. and like i said, i think morrissey had a great point. as far as songwriting, we dont know what she added - a musical riff, etc.

    rl - haha re: mariah!! hey, i always say, if they say "its a tribute to madonna's express yourself or (fill in the blank)" i would respect it.

    scount - xoxo

    AC - on the button. xo

  17. evry - xo! who do you think it is?


    also - the first line of the piece says it all:

    Listen, for any music video buff or Madonna fan, it's unbelievable what is happening out on the female music video scene at the moment. The wannabe Madonna montages are totally out of control.

    and they are buster, totally out of control. xo

  18. oh and rl - the note i originally jotted down for this piece after seeing christina on oprah was - "Like an Express Yourself Candy Shop". but then as i got along with the writing and the screencapping, it all morphed!!! xo

  19. I think the Glee hysteria is fleetingly impactful and sort of skirts the issue at hand, which I didn't really realize until after I wrote my earlier post. In the big picture, Madonna is not measured by standards of popularity, which is why a Joanne comes along and is almost instantly reviled by anyone who truly understands both Madonna and the world she inhabits, one in which intelligence is intrinsic and the fine line between adaptation, inspiration and imitation means everything. Madonna has never really bitten...She isn't interested in eclipsing others. Joanne is obsessed by it, and Christina is now catching up as she feels she might still have some fuel to burn. Chances are she doesn't...Funny all this vampire crap that has permeated our modern pop culture (Stay tuned for Joanne's next video - a vampire-laden fart fest) as it truly reflects the truthful and festering state of today's art spectrum. We have reached saturation. Madonna has always been accused of things she isn't responsible for or guilty of, but this somehow renders it okay for everyone else that follows. That is a defining trait of leadership.

  20. I think its funny we justify the justifiable yet ingore the obvious...I would love your opinion on these particular events that go ignored:

    Love Profusion taken from Billie Piper’s “Honey to the Bee” from 5 years before Madonnas

    Confessions theme taken from Kylie Minogue the photo shoot, 1-888-Confess, etc)

    Sky Fits Heaven lyrics taken from a 1993 GAP commercial

    The backdrop to Let It Will Be taken from Tina Turner's Acid Queen album cover

    These are the same medium and how is Madonna not responsible for these things? She has the final say in EVERYTHING as we all know. To remove her from responsibility is silly.

    Like I said, I am not bashing her - but its funny when Madonna fans can't stand to say one objective comment about her work. Yes, we know she's The Queen, a Legend, etc - I agree with all of those things. All that aside, its nice when people can be objective.

    The wannabe Madonna montages I think are in response to the cycle (or recycling) of music. The last couple of years was a revisit from the 80's from fashion to music and Madonna was at the head of all of that. Silly to think we wouldn't see a return. Now, I see the 90's creeping in other music (Alphabeat, R. Murphey, Goldfrapp) and with the revisit of the 90's, this montage was inevitable. I kind of like it - in the end, I know Madonna was responsible for allowing these new female artist the freedom to do what they do. Madonna fought hard for the right to do as she did and now, these artists have it easy. I am happy I was there from the beginning!

  21. Look at who you are referring to: This Billie Piper character is a nobody, and the Kylie shoot you are referring to was lifted from a 1970s Vogue shoot if I remember rightly. Fashion photography is constantly being referenced and revived, and some photographers manage to do it while making it their own. Others do not. I am not fond of Klein anyway. I think he spends too much time looking for inspiration in coffee table books, but Madonna's presence itself makes his Confessions album shoot everything, whereas Kylie...Well, she is like the Cilla Black of modern pop, isn't she? As for the Acid Queen shoot, it was blatent and obvious that it was a tribute to that era. Disco Inferno. Anyone who didn't get that just didn't know their shit to begin with. I don't think I care what the ignorant think at all. I just don't like that there are so many of them nowadays.

  22. Well well, it seems that we can finally agree on something.

    First of all, I wanna say that I agree that Madonna hasn't really copied people, she has made reference to key figures in the past. Some of what Madonna has done is original, some of it is not but one thing we can all agree on is the fact that Madonna is a trailblazer. She's a pioneer, period.

    Tori Amos had the decency to once say something along the lines of "Madonna is this big yacht at full speed and we are all just boats attached to it".

    I personally think that Madonna is the last feminist. Why do I say that? well because she destroyed the last barriers. I don't know about the reality in other countries, but in my country, women are paid equally for a single job as men are, women have total access to education and in fact, according to statistics, more women go to school than men.

    Granted, I live in a small country, and there will alwasy be some sexism because after all women were a minority for so long, but are they a minority now? I mean I don't know, even in the United States were people have always been sexist, there was a female presidential candidate.

    Madonna has ripped the envelope when it comes to female standards in pop music, and all of the new pop ladies really can't bring anything to the table. Nothing.

    And it is appalling that music journalism is dead, I agree on that.

    I also want to say that I HATE Christina Aguilera with a passion, and the reason for that is that I've never seen such a vapid, foul, hollow and fake performer as she is. When she came up with her whole Stripped Xtina deal, and people were praising her blindly, I wanted to rip everyone's head and shove Erotica/SEX down their throats so that they would have a taste of a true pioneer.

    I remember seeing an interview where she literally said word by word the Madonna quote of if that makes me a bitch, it's ok and made it seem like it was hers, any interviewer worth their salt would've called her up on it and on her whole ignorant and dellusional stance, and even now.

    And Lady Gaga is so unbelievably gross, I don't even have an opinion on that.

  23. @ Ramon I hardly think Madonna had anything to do with women being paid equal to men in your small country. Nice thought though. It was nice to see a Tori Amos reference in your post but so disappointing to read that someone could hate anyone "with a passion!"

    @ Alexander Christ Great argument...however I find it interesting that Madonna would have to borrow from a "nobody" like Billie Piper. You still didn't meantion Sky Fits Heaven lyrics taken from a 1993 GAP commercial, Confessions theme taken from Kylie Minogue 1-888-Confess, Joe Henry's Stop, Pharrell's Heartbeat - honestly we could go round and round on this and they seem more like excuses than reasons. I think Madonna has done her job so well and truly, no one does it like her. I love her for it. It takes real genuis to do it - and she is that! ALWAYS WILL BE!

  24. buster, you do understand the subject under which we are talking correct? i dont quite understand what youre on about and how its relevant to this conversation other than to prove some bizarre point about that ugly joanne female. i have a feeling thats the root by your past conversations.

    billie piper - saw it and if you think that animated flower opening is love profusions inspiration - well, i just dont know what to say.

    gap commercial - star light, star bright, first star i see tonight. who knows? it sunk into subconscious memory? she heard it, thought it was cool, possibly wrote it down in her journal and forgot its origin? who the fuck knows and who the fuck cares and what does one line from a commercial have to do with this bloody conversation of Madonna wannabes?

    kylie minogue - who did the art direction on the confessions album - ask them.

    joe henrys stop - she added different riffs. that gets songwriting credit.

    heartbeat - probably the same. demos are delivered daily. how they take shape in the studio, a new added guitar, drums, bass - anything dealing with the song structure and its writing - the changes made will be credited.

    but again how does that have to do with blatantly ripping off an extremely popular video - by the biggest female recording star in the history of music? were not talking about billie weirdo nothing person known only in afghanistan in 78 BC. i can ASSURE you she did not see that ugly vision of nothingness and say - "hey lets do that." get real.



    ramon - finally. xo

  25. @bUSTER I resent your "small country" remark. If you think that I live in a God forsaken land you need a reality check. Also, you need to come to grip with the extent of Madonna's worldwide influence, not only in the english speaking world, but also in the spanish speaking world.

    Unless they are indigenous tribes deep VERY DEEP in the mountain or whatever, everyone in my country knows who Madonna is. And everything that Madonna did was a topic for debate and discussion at school, family meetings, or any type of gathering here in my country and all over the world, so yes, Madonna has been one of the greatest advocates for female and human rights all over the world. You don't need to be in America to experience it.

  26. These discussions are always a good read!

    Still, I don't see how Gaga copied Madonna for the Telephone video. Could you please give me a hint?


  27. I ROARED reading that - so well put Pud! Yes, Madonna references artists in her videos. The others are just copies of copies.

    What I don't understand is...why? Madonna's imagery in her videos is so well known - they can only draw attention to their lack of vision by just copying them. It seems so self-defeating.

  28. its all hype williams fault, lets make the milk black instead christina it will look cool and edgy, no one will know it was M that we borrowed it off..hahahaha.

    anyway i dont know, this is such an obvious tribute/rip off/homage/plagiarism/fraud whatever to madonna...has she mentioned the express yourself video reference in any interviews yet??? doubt it haha. the music word is so saturated with madonna type influence/imagery right now i'm blinded!!!!

  29. Alexander Christ i agree with you. madonna is always "guilty" for "copying" other artists when no one accuses other artists for copying madonna. i think it's something normal, because madonna's career is so HUGE that people don't want to accept it. the most solo artists in music industry are female, so it's way more difficult for a woman to success (and remain successful) rather than for a man. if madonna was a man i'm 100% sure that EVERYBODY would applause her and considered "him" as a cool and handsome dude with beautiful young women around "him". but madonna is a woman and a woman with a younger lover is not "cool and handsome", but "old and slut". this is our world full of hypocrisy and sexism. VIVA MADONNA!

  30. Yeah, the blatant similarities were too numerous to count. But not done well at all. WTF? I'm dying to know what "other" singer you're referring to!

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  32. @ Ramon The 5th paragraph of your previous post begins exactly like this...

    "Granted, I live in a small country..."

    Those were your words, not mine. You might want to redirect that anger where it belongs. If you thought I was making reference to another country being somehow less than America, you got it all wrong.

    @ Pud I understand your point and I see it clearly. Borrowing, stealing, influenced by, copying, homage - we can call it whatever makes us comfortable. I can assure you this has nothing to do with Gaga. Yes, I am fan and I won't apologize for it.

    Once again Pud, I love what you do on here. Especially, poss like this one. Its great to hear eveyrone's point of view and even if we agree to disagree in the end, its nice to have the forum.

    Much love to you and what you do Pud!

  33. I wanna say that I don't think Gaga copied Madonna with Telephone, however, Telephone is one of THE worst videos in the history of music, it's utter garbage and only idiots who don't know anything about filmmaking or anything else for that matter, and who think Quentin Tarantino is great, can like it.

    Anyone that knows a thing or tow about art can see right through Gaga and realize the naked emperor she trully is.

  34. Totally on the same page with Buster.

    This is Pud's site (and a wonderful one at that), so he can write whatever he pleases. However, I disagree with the notion that Madonna continues to be some huge revolutionary or leader in pop culture. She certainly was the pied piper of pop culture in her prime (1986-1991/1992), but Madonna's position as the cultural leader, or *a cultural leader* went with the wind some time ago.

    I find it humorous that so many praise Confessions as some incredible peak of creativity and music accomplishment, when Future Lovers had already been done before (Light Years by Kylie), the kick-off video was simply copying a scene/outfit in Saturday Night Fever, with absolutely no spin or different kind of edge to it (ala Express Yourself, and the spin it gave to Metropolis), and don't get me started on the general production of the Confessions album, or that complete and total waste of a video called Jump.

    Madonna has had her peaks in her career, and has certainly had glorious moments of creativity, but really, she is no longer the leader of the cultural scene. So many are quick to state Madonna's accomplishments *in the past*, but really, her creativity leaves a lot to be desired in recent years (Celebration anyone?).

    If others are "copying" Madonna, by all means, so be it. They have a right to do it. But Madonna is the biggest copycat of them all. The difference is that Madonna *usually* gave it her own different spin in some shape or form, and made it feel/look/sound fresh. She hasn't done that in a long time (really, since the Music album), and we're going into 2010 now.

    While Madonna was IT in her prime, she no longer is, and there is another woman out there who is making her mark and being compared often to Madonna (Lady Gaga). Why? Because she is bringing the excitement, buzz, controversy, notoriety, and kick in the pop culture ass that is needed so much today---not to mention the eccentricity she also brings to the game. It's wonderful. I don't understand how anyone could possibly say that Lady Gaga is more "desperate" than anything else---when really---Madonna has admitted in many post-Kabbalah interviews that she did many things to simply get attention...there wasn't any real goal behind it except attention and notoriety-despite what her words may have said back in the day.

    I adore Madonna, but the woman is on a creative lull right now. Fair enough. She's in her 50's. She deserves a good, long break. But to dismiss what some others are doing nowadays which is wonderful in their own way, whether they're "copying" Madonna or not, well, it sounds a bit childish to me. It's like, "NO! She's my favorite singer, and yours sucks, so there!" I'd like to think we're a little more grown up.

  35. It always puzzled me when people compare earlier work of any artist to what that artist is doing now. If Madonna kept doing the same shit over and over no one would be talking about her almost 30 years into her career.

    What I find annoying about Lady KAKA is that dumb asses are giving her credit for something that has been done so many times before and done better in every way. She is not a leader in wearing crazy costumes, she is one of the worst songwriter ever, she cannot even speak during interviews and sounds like she is always trying so hard to come off intelligent but comes off sounding like a joke... WTF is a discostick, pokerface, just dance??? Seriously what are these songs about? It's not even good Ibiza music lol, it's horrible dance music that will sound outdated and irrelevant a year from now.

    Yes I do love Madonna but I also love so many other artists and it is just my opinion, everyone has them. Madonna was not copying her contemporaries she was using art, film, music, photography and introducing so many unknowns to the rest of the world, these girls now-a-days are copying (in a really bad way) everything that Madonna, Cher, Grace, Diana, Debbie, Tina, Cyndi and so many others before them did very well. I honestly feel sad for whoever thinks that Lady KaKa is anything but a clown with really bad dance music.

    Christina I have a lot of respect for but watching her in Not Myself Tonight is like watching a fat girl stuffing her face with fried chicken and donuts... She knows it’s not good for her and we know it’s not good for her but she can’t stop eating and we can’t stop watching... Like a trainwreck.

  36. as far as copying goes, no-one has mentioned these yet...

    the 1992 video for "This Used to Be My Playground" ... concept lifted directly from Boy George's "To Be Reborn" released in 1987. not really a fan of his but u can't deny the blatant plagirism.

    "Cherish" is a direct lift of Brigitte Bardot's "And God Created Woman" with the newly cut hair, the wet sensuality... even the wardrobe came directly from this movie.

    i've always understood the power of post-modernism and Madonna is a scholar in the field! she is so well versed in film, photography & literature and these are her muses. she understands the power of drawing upon familiar & popular imagery and then recrafting them in a sometimes ironic and modern way. however, she sometimes gets lazy and flat-out xeroxes these ideas -- and finds herself neck-deep in a lawsuit for copyright infringement (goy bourdin, anyone?).
    she's been doing this since the early days when she lowered her raybans in Lucky Star, ala Lolita... it's what she does, it's made her rich, it's her winning formula! she could sell lighter fluid to a house on fire, dancing around in her underwear (her homage to The Burning Bed?) and i'd stand in line to watch!!

  37. Nice additional comments Johnny.

    Speaking of Boy George, a HUGE element of the War Song by Culture Club was used for the American Life video as well.

  38. johnny and christian -


  39. I love the... "and what's the difference? Nobody saw his"---LMAO!


    xoxo Pud Whacker, right back at ya. Thx for the link!

  40. love to hear what madonna would say about the boy george video thing. on the subject of george i watched a brillant drama about his early life on bbc2 (uk) last night 'Worried about the boy'. Douglas Booth who played him i thought did a great job and hes only 17. here is the link to watch it online, dont know if anyone can watch it overses though.

    took me right back to when i was a pre/teenager.

  41. guys even michael jackson's famous moonwalk (and his dancing style in general)it's stolen from the '50s! :)

  42. christian - xo

    beef - not available out here. bummer. xo

    skount - xo

  43. I am a Christina fan but I hate hate hate the video of Not Myself Tonight, because it's pointless and classless (note: "lots of less" ;)) and because it's a shameless rip-off from Madonna's videos. I know in pop music nothing is invented and nothing is destroyed, but I expected something different (and at least slightly original) from Christina.

  44. To the writer.

    The video of Not Myself tonight, was inspired of Music videos of Madonna's HUMAN NATURE & EXPRESS YOURSELF. She said that on the behind the scenes video. It was Christina's homage for Madonna. So for the peace of all, can you edit this post. And have some research first before bashing on artist!

    thank you! :)