Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Japanese Who's That Girl Tour and Movie Press Conference - 1987

A very special thanks to Scrapple.

Oh, how I love this Madonna. That hair, that face, that dancer's body, those flats! Is she wearing the Papa Don't Preach dance segment outfit under that embroidered 50's style jacket? If so, fantastique! Here in America we only saw a few snippets on MTV's Week in Rock. And by few, I mean - Stop following me in the park...and...It's so the opposite of America. Anyway, here's five glorious minutes of the press conference and her accepting an award for True Blue. Enjoy!


  1. brillant! not sure this date is correct, its just that she was playing London wembley stadium that night 20th Aug 87 haha sorry to be a big date geek but it only caught my attention because thats when i watched the whos that girl show :o)

  2. Like you, I love this Madonna too! You said it best! Thank you Scrapple!!! Who is Scrapple?

  3. beef - oh no!!! i hould have known that, i saw her at johnny carson before she left and then she was here in july. duh! thanks xo

    coca - scrapple is my madonna buddy and major contributor here - he found this.

  4. Brilliant footage Pud! THANK YOU!! xx

  5. WOW, NEVER have seen the full thing like this. Terrific, thanks so much for posting!

    Although...she said she would like to come to Japan when she's not working, and sight-see, etc.

    She never followed through with that, and it's been 23 years, lol.