Wednesday, June 16, 2010

20 Years of Vogue


Superb video edit done by Julio Skov.


  1. 20 years... it'll be 1000 years and it still will be a master piece!!
    VOGUE (specially this Single Version) is the most, love it so much!!!!!!

  2. and to think she never saw this song as a hit single, but a B-side to "Keep It Together." it's definitive Madonna... dance, fashion & homage to the great faces. though, i always thought it was weird that it ended up on I'm Breathless.

  3. That's true, Keep it Together is amazing too!! Specially the 7' Version, the end with her voice saying "KEEP KEEP IT TOGETHER" with the eco is great!!!

  4. digo - it sure will be!

    brian - i remember going to get the keep it together single at tower records and arguing with the sales clerk saying, theres supposed to be a B SIDE on here called vogue!!! hahha!!!

  5. oh yeah, and this julio did a fantastic job editing. xo

    digo = diego. xo

  6. The best song EVER. By ANYONE!