Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier and Madonna

Jean Paul Gaultier's perfume launch.


  1. Seriosuly - This is one of my favorite looks of Madonna. This look is so timeless and so chich. It would look even good in 2010.

    I love the Bedtime Stories/Something to Remember era.

    I remember thinking that Madonna finally got it right with her style. She was't over the top like before...she actually fit in with the Hollywood look. She actually looked very sexy and grounded and not whorish and arrogant (which i also loved) like her preivious images.

    I think my favorite look of Madonna is this and when she won an award at the 1995 MTV Awards for Take a Bow. The hair, the make-up the outfit...too perfect!

    Oh I long for Madonna to dress chich again. I hate how she is always wearing black! Does anyone have an idea as to why she likes black so much?

  2. She really like that jacket. If anyone remembers the Ruby Wax interview from 1994, Ruby asked if it was a 'washing machine accident' which Madonna didn't take kindly. Ruby also 'attacked' Madonna with the jacket pretending it was her Pitbull Pepito (whatever happened to him?)

  3. i loved her glamorous, slutty jean harlow look.

  4. bmc and jeremy - totally. so sexy.

    glas - love the ruby interview! hahha!!!

  5. Match made in Heaven. She should have married Gaultier when he asked her to!