Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Forbes - The World's Most Powerful Celebrities

Oh, uh huh, right.

Just touring over the span of 2 months - on the second leg of her Sticky and Sweet Tour, that didn't touch American soil, and that Glee episode - has landed Madonna at number 10 on the 2009 Forbes 100 Most Powerful Celebrity list.

A total of 27 nights on tour ($6 million a night) and a television episode - in which she didn't even appear - that's Power.

For the list - Click HERE.


  1. Way to go, Madonna! Can't believe Marilyn Manson is at #4. He shouldn't be in the top 10 at all.

  2. tony - haha!

    im amazed madonna made it at all. 2009 was such a majorly low key year. seriously - this is all for her power and 27 dates on tour. remarkable. xo

  3. Real cute, blasé pic used to illustrate her effortless placement on the list.

    It indicates the ease with which she'll sail back to the top, past the wannabes, when she returns to music.