Saturday, June 12, 2010

I had a dream about Mary Lambert last night.

It's always been about the Orange Pumps.

Mary was so wonderful in my dream. It was a dinner party atmosphere. I was telling her and her guests how fabulous she was. That I was 13 when I saw the Borderline video in early 1984 and how she and Madonna are responsible for my aesthetic. I was on about (when am I not?) the orange pumps(!!!), florescent green socks, the Keith Haring/Vivienne Westwood devil skirt, the cinematography, to the Los Angeles Salvadorean restaurant/bar on 6th Street. I was raising one arm to the sky to explain that's where Mary is and the other arm to the dirt floor as to where the others dwell. It was a hoot.

I guess this all has to do with Mary's sister, Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, and all the shyt regarding her senate seat this and last week . By the way, she triumphed when the odds were against her. xo

Anyway, here's Mary and what she's doing lately. She made the documentary about women in the senate called 14 Women and talking about an art show she had and how she tells stories with pictures. Still as brilliant, smart, beautiful, and wonderful as ever - check it out. She directed The Attic with Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) from my favorite television show Mad Men. I love Mary!!!! And she's a Libra.

We had a really hard time raising the money because women politicians are not as newsworthy as men...and I was told that. - Mary Lambert on 14 Women.



  1. It's terrific to see Mary Lambert going into more politically (and sociologically) inspired material.

    She's a talented lady.

  2. I LOVE MARY! my favorite madonna video director. glad you liked it christian. xo

  3. Hey Pud,
    I don't remember having read before about postings of yours inspired in your (nightly) dreams. That's cool! Any Madonna dreams you might have had, while in your sleep, and want to share?

  4. fortin - none that i can remember now!!! xo

  5. @PudWhacker: I love that on your site I end up finding super rare Madonna stuff, and also, super rare stuff about the people Madonna has worked with (if it's relevant of course).

    Although Mary didn't direct too many of Madge's vids, she directed two that were some of her most iconic and memorable vids. It'd be great to see them team up again together, but *only* if Madonna is inspired enough to make a great vid. Nowadays, Madge's videos are so forgettable. I hope she feels motivated to give the public something to talk about again the next time she releases an album.

  6. pud, i really hope you don't hate all scorpios (i've seen your joni mitchell entries!) 'cause we're not all bad. i can, however, understand how you feel, 'cause i mostly don't get along with arians.

  7. jeremy, i love scorpios!!! my dad and a lot of my friends are. xoxo

  8. haha - 'i saw your joni entries'!!! xo

  9. i love how you refer to her as a "sad, drug addict scorpio." major LULZ!