Saturday, June 12, 2010

Miss Ciccone Arrives by Helicopter to Lawnfest Charity

That gorgeous Italian face.

Madonna arrived at a charity event today by helicopter and was greeted by Mohomed al Fayed at The New School in West Heath, Kent.

Here's video footage of her arriving!

For more pics and article click The Daily Mail.


  1. You know I think she is gorgeous and has the face of all faces, but I don't find that photo very flattering. She's looking a bit Madame-esque, but I'm sure it's just the particular expression she had in the instant the photo was taken. Otherwise she looks sumblime. Also, I covet her handbag.

  2. looooooved the way she looked here. very classy.

  3. betty - i love when that italian hook is present! xo

    cristian - so glamorous. like Miss Ross, The Boss - flying in by helicopter!!! haha! xo

  4. @PudWhacker: "like Miss Ross"---LOL, didn't even think of that. Very true, ha ha!

  5. Most times Madonna has a trajic sence of style. A pencil skirt would have attempted to save this look but that hair style is driving me insane. She has had it since Ray of light and it did not look good then and it still sucks. someone should advice her to part from the side like in the Material girl video, it will soften her harsh features, especially now that she has Hollywood cheeks. ANd whats with the ruffles yo? Just sad.