Thursday, June 3, 2010

R.I.P. Rue McClanahan xo

Rue has left the building.

Here The Golden Girls are returning from The Virgin Tour. Aired 9 November 1985. Episode: Break In


  1. Such a shame. Golden Girls was one of my favourite shows growing up.

  2. They made several references to Madonna in that show. I remember one instance where Dorthy responds to one of Rose's ridiculously stupid questions saying, "When Madonna has a hit movie, Rose."

    Damn, I wish that joke hadn't stood up to the test of time. :)

  3. That Madonna reference is AWESOME! What a classic!

    Who would have ever thought that Betty White would outlive the cast and be bigger than ever 25 years later at age 88?!!

  4. I love you Madonna very very much. I am brazilian.

  5. Such a shame..another Golden girl gone :(

    My favourite Madonna moment was actually in the spin off "Golden Palace" Where Bea was a guest star and Dorothy confided into the girls that she and her new husband did it while the lights were open. An Sophia responded

    " Ladies and gentleman..Madonna!"

    RIP Rue...

  6. Yes really sad this news. :-(

    Golden Girls Series 1 (and 2, to some extent) are my favouite comedy of all time. Un-fucking-believably funny.

    Thanks for posting that clip again Pud - even though I have it on the DVD set I haven't seen it in so long! SO CLASS!!!!

  7. Long Live Betty White. She was always my favorite. R.I.P ladies you will go down in History like Lucy, always playing on TV somewhere in the world.