Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Star of all Stars: Past, Present and Future.



  1. Nothing to add except that you re sooo right : "they try to imitate her but they can t duplicate her", she's the Queen!

  2. Hey Pud…I gave ur blog a shout out…check it out below. Hope you don’t mind.

    • MADONNA.
    June 10, 2010 at 1:48 pm
    It’s a ’shock’ video….it has not changed the world or made the world a better place.
    Why is there always BIG news with this girl does something wacky…isnt it normal by now? What is she going to do next? What can she do next without repeating herself…or other artists (ie. MADONNA)?
    Madonna montage after montage, this sexless creature Lady Gaga keeps going through Madonna’s old interviews, videos, movies, pictorials and anything else this horrid monster can get her pilfering little hands on and delivers it to a new generation of I don’t know whats.
    Gaga’s a Wanabee-Madonna dipped in a vat of ugly. Isn’t she embarrassed? I know Madonna has been focusing on directing her new movie, W.E. next month, but is the public so parched for Madonna that they will allow this wannabe stand in go through everything she has done without being called out? It’s appalling. Lady Gaga has the most unappealing singing voice, no dance training which leaves her looking like a dissected frog (see below), putrid stretch marked pancake breasts (Please Joanne, no Sex Book), the worst face, and awful style.
    The song Alejandro is a bastardized La Isla, as passionless as Lady Gaga is sexless (note lots of Less). For the video, she uses Madonna’s right hand man Steven Klein as director. I think she even attempts to vogue. Haha! She’s got rosaries and crucifixes all around her. Ugh, it’s all just too disgusting to continue listing.
    If you can handle all the fug and I mean 9 minutes of it …

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  4. Back in the 80's albums didn't really contain many images, usually just the front and back cover. You can see this in the package for Madonna, Like a Virgin, True Blue and Like a Prayer. The one photo shoot where I've only seen one or two shots additional shots is True Blue. Anyone know if there are many more?