Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1988 TV Report. Interview with Martin Ciccone and Madonna

Great interview with brother Martin, interspersed with Madonna interview footage.

How could I dream all of this?


  1. lol, martin looks just like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger in this photo. one gets the impression marty's not the sharpest tool in the shed, eh?

  2. The Who's That Girl hair hasn't aged well ;-) It belongs on a middle-aged housewife.

    I think it's amazing that Blond Ambition was only three years away. Such a massive difference.

  3. yes, glas - theres a big difference between the true blue hair and the whos that girl tour hair. true blue hair for me as always fantastic. wtg tour hair was either hit or miss. in new york in reached its utmost awfulness. in miami, it was fantastic!!! xoxoxo

  4. So true! On the cover of True Blue it looked amazing, ageless. But then it went a bit wrong. There are moments in the Who's that Girl movie when it changes from scene to scene, and the story was supposed to take place on the same day (not to mention the great bit when it's clearly a stunt double wearing a cheap wig).

    Going to see if I can find a clip of the New York hair ;-)

  5. The WTG hair in this video is good though! No? I love it!

    Those concert clips are from Chicago btw.

    It's funny yes how hit and miss the WTG tour hair was though (and yeah, for me also the NY MSG show was the worst hair-wise!). In Europe even some shows it looked great and others terrible!

    I even think there's a big difference between the hair on the 2 final shows that you see in Ciao Italia.

    Love the hair / look on the final show in Florence, don't like it so much in Turin.



  6. funny that I saw your comments here, ha ha. Of course!

    That green dress for the interview (with Jane Paulley I believe) is HORRENDOUS.

    Still, I love to reminisce about this era when I hadn't discovered Madonna just yet, but the rest of the world had.