Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh, that sexless Doppelgänger, Lady Gaga is still Byting Madonna in her new video, "Alejandro".

Exactly, Judy.

Per Per Gaga Madonna Wanna - get a grip.

Madonna montage after montage, this sexless creature Lady Gaga keeps going through Madonna's old interviews, videos, movies, pictorials and anything else this horrid monster can get her pilfering little hands on and delivers it to a new generation of I don't know whats.

Gaga's a WikiMadonna dipped in a vat of ugly. Isn't she embarrassed? I know Madonna has been focusing on and starts directing W.E. next month, but is the public so parched for Madonna that they will allow this wannabe stand in go through everything she has done without being called out? It's appalling. Lady Gaga has the most unappealing singing voice, no dance training which leaves her looking like a dissected frog (see below), putrid stretch marked pancake breasts (Please Joanne, no Sex Book), the worst face, and awful style.

The dance training-less dissected frog

The song Alejandro is a bastardized La Isla, as passionless as Lady Gaga is sexless (note lots of Less). For the video, she uses Madonna's right hand man Steven Klein as director. I think she even attempts to vogue. Haha! She's got rosaries and crucifixes all around her. Ugh, it's all just too disgusting to continue listing.

I have been long aware that the gay community has been at an all time complacent low - just look at the advertisements in the Homo Mags - but c'mon - pedestal'ng this? Enough is enough.

If you can handle all the fug and I mean 9 minutes of it - watch below:

Don't the blue contacts make my brown eyes a cock-eyed blue?


UPDATE* major news sources finally clock this goober as a second rate wannabe. Click each name for article.



even usual Madonna basher



  1. I coudn't have said it better myself..thank you Pud! Man she does have the charisma of a fucking frog doesn't she? Come back to us after your movie Maddy and show them again how it's really done!

  2. I am honestly so done with even speaking about lady kaka. It's pointless, I can't and I won't lol. DONE!

  3. I must say that Lady Gaga has probably the most horrendous face I have ever seen. Never in my life have I seen a biological construction so foul, so unaesthetic, so ungraceful, so awkward and so offensive as her face. And I've seen some fucked up ugly people in my life. The only thing worse I can think of are deformed or disfigured people, or that guy that was monstruos that appeared on the people vs. larry flynt.

    But as far as normal healthy faces go, GaGa is trully at the end of the ugly spectrum.

    And inspite of the fact that she has a really great body, there is nothing sexy about her. Absolutely nothing.

    Alejandro has been her most blatant Madonna rip off, copying from Vogue, Like A Prayer, her W spreads, Oh Father, Evita, etc, it's appalling but what trully breaks my heart is Madonna's irrelevance.

    Madonna has become that predictably cool musician of ol yore that no one really cares about anymore but teenagers and young people today know it's uncool not to like her, like Pink Floyd or the Rolling Stones, but really nobody cares about her.

    It is so sad. And what's so sad is that not even journalists care about her anymore, hence the success of Gaga.

    I guess eventually the masses will turn on her, just like they are doing with Xtina now. In fact, Xtina is the first lady gaga, I remember back during her stripped days how she would literally quote Madonna without crediting her in interviews, and everyone ate it up calling her visionary and what not, pathetic.

  4. In fairness to Lady Gaga (I say this and I think all her songs sound the same, never mind the videos) Madonna hasn't made an epic video in years. She just hasn't seemed interested. All the M videos we're saying Gaga is ripping off were a long long time ago. Gaga is just filling a gap in the market.

    I want the real Queen to return.

  5. Well said Glasgowboy!

    I love Pud's excellent post (AGAIN!) but for me, this GaGa video is still miles better than any of Madonna's recent videos. Madonna has abandoned putting any effort into music videos since long long long ago now and it's been pissing me off for some time.

    Interesting as you say (and Pud beautifully points out) that all these wannabes are imitating the early Madonna videos. Never see anyone imitating the videos for "Celebration", "4 Minutes", "Sorry" or any of the other shit Madonna has churned out in the last bunch of years.

  6. "The song Alejandro is a bastardized La Isla"
    Mr Gaga wishes she could write a masterpiece like La Isla Bonita, it's more like a complete rip off of an Ace Of Base song from 1993. What's with the three stooges Mo haircut for the video?

  7. too much bitterness makes you ugly.

    read this counterpoint and then consider the bigger picture, will you? sheesh.


  8. It's just pop music folks. It's not that serious. :)

  9. I disagree.
    Open minds think better.

  10. i'm not gonna lie, i love the video - and why wouldn't i??? it's a beautiful montage of Vogue, Express Yourself and Justify My Love... three of Madonna's best. Let's face it... Gaga is a floundering wallflower playing dress-up, trying desperately to figure out who she is as an artist.... even Madonna has said "her show's a mess." It's kinda funny that Aguilera and Gaga are both photocopying Madonna's illustrious career when Madonna has kicked music videos to the curb. still though, i love steven klein's work... he's a visionary. too bad gaga isn't!

  11. LOL, what a lame review. Those Madonna hard fans...

  12. shes a goober. end of story. and guys, im sorry but all this talk about production and all that - sue sylvestor did it with vogue. in the digital age, it doesnt take much. judging from peoples reactions, the 90's videos seem to be the golden age and any replica will do them fine. not for me. as with cinema, id rather watch the original. xo

  13. I'm looking at it this way... hopefully the emergence of GaGa will give Madonna the incentive to come back with something AMAZING.

    HARD CANDY felt like she was a guest artist on her own album - all the Pharrell tracks sounded like Kelis rejects.

    So I am looking forward to Madonna's next album... she'll be coming back with a vengeance I'm sure.

  14. Why would Joanne's copycat tactics inspire Madonna to do anything differently? At this rate, this goober will be making her version of Hard Candy in approximately six to eight months. Her shelf life obviously isn't that long. Let her exhaust herself. She's pathetic, as are these BLT Madonna defectors.

    @Glasgowboy: Actually, many of the Madonna/Klein references are not particularly old. Madonna's tour videos/X-Static Process installation with Klein that are pilfered in Alejandro are from 2004. That isn't that long ago in a career that spans 30 years.

    Joanne will never come close to having the impact that Like A Prayer had on its generation. Trust me.

  15. And the sad thing about this is that all her "little monsters" who are 15 years old have no idea that she is ripping Madonna off. They think it's just the coolest, most original thing.

    I'm ready for Gaga's 15 minutes to be over.

  16. Has Joanne been watching Single White Female? First her makeup artist gave her Blond Ambition brows and then Steven Klein gives her Madonna's Cliff Notes on Video Production. And she is about as attractive as Jennifer Jason Leigh in that film too (Actually, Jennifer's look was a matter of hair killing the face, whereas Joanne is just a biological vomit explosion).

  17. haha alexander christ!!!! she IS single white female!!!!

  18. Unlike a Virgin said...

    Very well said! I love your post about this hideous and I do mean the word hideous in every sense of the word..this Lady Gaga. I swear to you I have sat and watched this twat over and over again (because every gay bar in NYC plays her lame ass videos every 4 seconds) and I just think she sucks dirty ass. I have said from day one that this ugly ass bastard spawn of marilyn manson and bette midler was a total fucking hack. I still think it...even more so now. She wants to be Madonna so bad that I could see her sucking the blood from Madonnas old tampons if she could. Gaga is like a bad drag queen trying to perform Madonna at some white trash redneck gay bar in Indiana and even made her own outfits..and they look it. Just sayin...

  19. Every artist has copied something atleast once in his or her career. Even madonna, musically- future lovers resembled i feel love, i love newwork- west end girls, Hung up- gimme gimme gimme. Her tracks like fever, imagine,etc were cover versions. In her videos she wanted to imitate monroe. That's so cool... So why should we blame gaga for trying to imitate her favourite icon? Listen to many of the madonna lyrics, the new ones are somewhat the retakes of her old classics. I even felt that the music of celebration and get together are too similar.

  20. Thank you Pud for saying it so right! I won't speak about how gaga looks, but she's crossed too many lines copying the one and only... I guess, at the end of the day, she will just remain a copy cat...

  21. The song ALEJANDRO is a cheap version of Ace of Base's DON'T TURN AROUND! and apart of "INSPIRE" always in MADONNA, does anybody knows Rafaella Carra?? Well, search in Youtube and you'll find a 70's Italian Gaga in her look!
    Gaga wants to win young gay generation who maybe doesn't know that a woman called MADONNA has done it all before! her look is a multi-copy of several pop icons, she is also a kind of gay ALF with make up, does she come from MELMAK planet perhaps!! anyway, all of us know who's the REAL owner of everything...

  22. Just with regards the Steven Klein specific imagery in Gaga's video that people are saying is a rip off of Madonna's X-Static Process photos.

    Klein has been doing that non-stop before and after X-Static Process. Check tons of his magazine editorials and fashion campaigns (D-Squared2 a few years ago immediately springs to mind) - you see those same beds everywhere. He repeats stuff a *lot* (the guy with the golden gun in the video btw is classic Steven Klein which I've seen many times).

    I really like Steven Klein's photography (with or without Madonna). I would definitely call the bed scenes in Gaga's video Steven Klein images, not Madonna images.

    I still hold to my point that no-one's imitating Madonna videos from the last decade and doubtless ever will. I can hardly bare to watch any of them (a couple of exceptions)!

  23. she only wants money. she's re-releasing her debut album since 2008! the fame monster, the remix...god! fame it's a successful album, ok...but why all these versions? i heard that she's going to extend her monster ball tour in 2011! she seems to be quite anxious to make money!

  24. The flavor of the moment, but she don't have what's ours!

  25. Betty, never a better frase, just perfect!!!

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  27. i think it's a bit unfair...actually, very unfair, to be saying this video is some direct rip-off of madonna. if anything, it's an hommage to various different things: A Clockwork Orange, Cabaret, and sure...some madonna imagery here and there (mainly this is reminiscent of XStatic Process in moments), but to say it's some blatant rip-off, i feel, is going to extremes. not to mention that this video piece was directed by steven klein, not lady gaga, so obviously he had input into the Alejandro video as well.

    what is the difference between lady gaga doing what she's doing vs what madonna has done in the past (when she used to do it brilliantly, nowadays, madonna's videos are a joke). in other words, i ask, what is the difference between an hommage vs a rip-off?

    ask madonna that, and i am sure she can provide you with various examples of why she was making an "hommage" vs "ripping" an artist off. however, you will have plenty of people in the general public/mainstream who will argue, no matter what, that madonna ripped people, cultures, and artists off left and right. so, really, it's all subjective. what some see as an "hommage", others see as a "rip off". what madonna, to me, has mainly done is an hommage, and created works "inspired by". but that's not always the case. there's been plenty of times where she has literally ripped the artist off, giving her work absolutely no different spin, or edge, or twist. some examples:

    1. TUTBMP video.
    2. HU video sequence where she's in the pink outfit dancing against the mirror (direct copycat of Saturday Night Fever---absolutely no spin at all whatsoever)
    3. Hollywood video (which she got sued for, and lost)
    4. ROL video (pretty much a rip off of Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance)

    additional info on the ROL video/concept (according to wikipedia)

    "In June 1998 Italian director Stefano Salvati accused Madonna's imprint Maverick Records of plagiarizing the concept of a music video he directed for Biagio Antonacci's 1994 single "Non è Mai Stato Subito." [4] According to Salvati copies of his videos were submitted to Maverick before the "Ray of Light" video was shot and requested that the clip be pulled from distribution.[5] Both videos featured the respective singers performing at regular speed against a backdrop of high-speed images."

    ....anyway, the list goes on and on. however, this doesn't necessarily take away from the impact of what she does (ROL vid is a perfect example of that), but it does make you question whether madonna truly wants to put much of her own twist half the time. another good example is the VF 1991 photoshoot. pretty much *every single shot* in that photo session is a direct copycat of a very famous Marily Monroe photo shoot. exactly what "twist" was madonna giving that photo session? none really. obviously the entire point was to recreate the exact shots, but in madonna's image, and they pulled it off beautifully. others may say "gorgeous hommage". others may roll their eyes and ask, "does this woman ever come up with her own ideas that aren't directly lifted from someone else?"

    so, obviously, others get into the same debate with some of gaga's work....hommage? or copy-cat? i guess it's subjective at the end of the day, but some people are truly taking it to an extreme. we're not talking about exact frame by frame shots here in the vid. we're talking about *moments* in the vid which are reminiscent of some of madonna's work, but overall, to say it's some blatant rip off is truly making an extreme and inaccurate statement.

    madonna once said in a 1993 interview, "they will say anything to push and try and get rid of you. they'll call you old, or ugly, or untalented..."---sad to see madonna fans doing the same thing to lady gaga that the mainstream public did to madonna back in 1992/1993.

  28. so christian i guess you're one of the few madonna fans who is not doing the "same thing" to gaga

  29. @skountouflis: trying not to.

    do i see gaga referencing some of madonna's prior work/videos/style? sure...but i also see her having some imagination with those references, and giving it her own twist (well, minus that recent purple outfit...but it's not like gaga wore that outfit and performed Hung Up or something).

    the thing that people, i feel, fail to remember is that a lot of madonna's work references other artists, movies, etc.---so, what's the difference between what gaga is doing vs what madonna used to do, and still does? the recent D&G photo campaign, as pudwhacker pointed out, is all referencing an italian movie. why do madge fans say madonna is "brilliant" or "smart" for her reference, and gaga is a talentless idiot? total double standard going on there.

    anyhow, i did gaga and the current excitement and freshness she is bringing to the pop culture world. there's room for madonna, gaga, britney, christina, etc. on the stage---it doesn't take away from what madonna has accomplished, or what she will continue to accomplish.

    at this point, madonna is a legend and has done some incredible things throughout her career---why is it such a bad thing if a younger artist sees those things, references them, and gives them her own spin? after all, that's what madonna has done for the majority of her career, and pulled it off brilliantly.

  30. i agree with you that there is room for anyone, but some people act like they have never seen anything like gaga before (bowie, grace jones, madonna etc). gaga didn't start it all and its sad that some people don't see that. and almost everyone thinks that madonna has no talent and that only her ingenuity τοοκ her where she is today. this is so wrong! by the way gaga's songs are catchy, but nothing more. her lyrics are awful and i'm pretty sure that if she hadn't this weird style (which is "borrowed" by other artists), her songs would be nothing. and she's trying to challenge catholics in 2010??? only this proves she's not that avant-garde..
    ps: there is no end and no beginning...even jackson's famous moonwalk (and general style) is "inspired" from the 1950s: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxZcLWAmdco

  31. @skountouflis: well, when speaking about awful lyrics...just look to the Confessions album. HORRID, simple lyrics half the time a 5 yr old can write---so it's not like Madonna has always been a stellar writer or something.

    But I agree...it irritates me when some people feel as if Gaga is some sort of revolutionary. She's not. Although neither was Madonna a revolutionary either. If anything, Madonna just learned how to rip people off and get away with it before many others did, ha ha.

  32. Did anyone notice how Gaga even tries to imitate Madonna's facial expressions, even the way Madonna eats? (in the "Telephone" video) arrrghhh so annoying!