Thursday, July 22, 2010

Japanese Madonna Rolling Stone Book - The Queen of Pop.

Fantastic and loyal reader Diego scanned this wonderful Japanese Rolling Stone Magazine Book devoted to Madonna.

A comprehensive look at her musical career from her start at Warner Bros. Records with the Everybody single (1982) to the punctuation mark of her departure with Celebration (2009) and everything in between. What an amazing artist, what an amazing career, what an amazing woman, what an amazing ride. Soak it in for there will NEVER be another like Madonna. Ever.

Thanks Diego! xo


  1. WOW! I wants me a copy! Looks like a great photo book!

  2. "Her departure with Celebration" gave me a sad feeling. As if Celebration had been the last we will hear from her, musically :o(

  3. I feel Madonna needs a break from music so she can have a BIG comeback in a couple of years. I think she needs to get in touch with herself and emotions and take the time to write personal and emotional songs. She definitely needs another Like a Prayer, Ray of Light or Confessions On a Dancefloor. I feel these albums are her best to date.

    Would love for her to also come up with another True Blue album, where every single was well produced and a pop hit and the videos were almost like magic.

    Anyways...we will have to wait and see.

    What do you guys hope she brings to the table next time?

  4. Agree with you BMC, even if I can't wait...

    What a stunning book. Would love to get my hands on a copy. Anybody?!!! Ha ha!

  5. Thanks Pud!!
    She did so much, actually in all eras she did EVERYTHING. The first in a lot of things! And will do, invent and re-invent so much more for sure! I think she is and has been present in every important fact or moment of our lives. Every song, video, photo, well, just HER, is related to something and that's unforgettable!!

  6. JUST BEAUTIFUL! Thanks Diego for providing the scans! Thanks Pud for the continued DELICIOUSNESS that you provide! You are absolutely right...there will NEVER be another like MADONNA!!!! Love it!

  7. diego - i just love this!!!

    bmc - shes never disappointed me musically - so whatever she wants to deliver. xo