Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Listen to Me Baby


  1. Love this performance! I love her adlib 'I'm burning up!' at the Fukuoka show. Great choreography too. The 'Edit One' remix should have been more widely available. By far, the best remix of 'Fever'.

  2. The picture is Art!!!

  3. The Girlie Show was my first ever concert. I was in grade 9. I remember being so excited to go.

    I will never forget when the Clown came out and the crowd went crazy thinking it was M. Then the topless dancer came out and crowd was going crazy again thinking it was M again....and then from the ground Madonna's blond hair peaked through and everyone went nuts!

    This was an amazing concert b/c it was b4 the internet. I have been to the boring Re-Invention Tour and I ruined it for myself b/c I kept reading the entire websites and set list and looking at all the pictures and stuff. The next tour I was able to go to was Stick and Sweet and I tried my best to keep myself away from and sites. I ended up getting front row center in front of the catwalk. This was a crazy experience.

    Anyways...I still have my M t-shirt from Girlie Show. The only thing I thought could have made the show better was that she included some older songs. I remember hearing people say they did not like it b/c they did not know the songs from the Erotica album to well.

    This would have been a good tour to sing Rescue Me! I hope she sings it live someday. One of my favorites! She could have also sand This Used to be My Playground too….

  4. That photo is to die for. Totally art as skountouflis says.

    And totally agree that the Daniel Abraham remix is AWESOME. In fact the only version of that song that I can listen to - was ecstatic they based the live version on his mix.

    Girlie Show was awesome at the time.


  5. The Girlie Show is tied with Drowned World Tour as my least favorite Madonna tours. I don't care for either. Wish I did. :(