Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 4, 1987 - Torino, Italy - Madonna in Concerto

23 years ago on September 4th, Madonna performed in Torino, Italy. The concert performed at the Communale Stadium was a monumental television event. It was broadcast live on TV in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Austria. In Italy alone, the broadcast was watched by an estimated 14 million households. The Who's That Girl Tour ended 2 days later in Florence, Italy on September 6th.

While in Italy, Madonna - with brother Christopher - met with extended family from Pacentro. Here's a clip of the pre-concert broadcast where RAI television spoke with Madonna's extended family and designer Giorgio Armani.

And some brilliant Lucky Star where she's on fire!



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  2. Love 'Lucky Star' from this show, amazing moves and really strong vocal, very rocky!

  3. me too rl. love when she fucks up the words on the way down the stairs! xo

  4. I was a kid when this concert was aired but I still perfectly remember it. One of the best things seen on Italian tv for sure!