Monday, November 29, 2010

Courtney Love's Madonna Obsession - 1996 Crazy Letter to Spin Magazine

We're all aware of Courtney Love's frightful Single White Female-like obsession with Madonna. This letter was written to SPIN Magazine in 1996 during the character assassination phase of the psychosis. Courtney's cool but she is one of those.

Check out this interesting commentary by Kurt Loder and Tabitha Soren.


  1. Can you say, "TRAINWRECK"? She's so obviously green with envy that she doesn't have even 1% of Madonna's success - and she never will! Freak!

  2. I miss Tabitha Soren. The years of her hosting the VMA pre and post shows with Kurt Loder were magic.

  3. honestly, i don't know what her career would be if she wasn't cobain's widow. im not into hole/courtney love music, but i can't think of one (at least) big and timeless song of hers. how disappointed could be with her career so she send a whole letter to a music magazine talking shit about the queen of pop. i don't get it.

  4. I think the Courtney thing is fascinating. She's clearly a very eccentric, disturbed person. However, what's more interesting is Madonna's reaction to Courtney, which is to remain as cool as a cucumber.

    It does bug me a little bit when people compare them - Courtney is just notorious. Madonna is massively successful and notorious. No comparison really.

  5. "What to get the girl who has everything? Indie credibility!! I want it NOW daddy buy it for me." LOL she does have a point! yet coming from the ultimate life-sucking vampire that she is, Courtney has no leg to stand on here. Where was her f**king "indie credibility" when she glammed herself up as a Versace gown model with her new Barbie nose-job in the late-90s? Sweet Jesus.. how is it that Kurt was the one to off himself and this nasty virus still crawls around the gutter with a microphone and a trail of pills behind her??

  6. CRAZY BITCH...those are the only words I have. This is a glimpse into Kesha's future!

  7. @Buster. Love it. If only Kesha was that interesting or that good looking.

    Madonna looks incredible in the video.

  8. @Dontlookback in what planet is Courtney Love "good looking"? "Interesting"? Yes, only because of our morbid interest: she's a trainwreck, she's not smart, she's not talented and she makes no sense at all.

    But "good looking"?

    Courtney Love is one of the most disgusting females in music. Never was pretty, never will (even after all the plastic surgeries she's gone under in the late 90s).

    Ke$ha just looks as trashy as Courtney Love. But she's even a bigger joke. Courtney Love IS trash to the core. Ke$ha is trashy-a-poter, another manufactured pop sensation that will disappear soon.

  9. The more I read the comments in this blog, the more I realize that Madonna fans are so closeminded in their view of the world, it's mindblowingly paradoxical and disgusting at times.

    I see a lot of ignorance and unnecessary hatred.

    Courtney Love went off the deep end in 2004, and she was never incredibly succesful, but she is one of the greatest female rockers that ever lived.

    That is not an assesment of her talent, I'm not saying she's the most talented, I'm saying she's the one with the whole package.

    If you all actually BOTHERED to listen to her music, you'd realize this. Most artists careers are filled with mediocre albums, with hits and lots of filler, one after the other, even great artists are like that, but Courtney Love has three albums with her band Hole that are musically and aesthetically PERFECT. Grade A songs from start to finish.

    I can't really think of any artist that has such flawless trajectory in their music. Granted, she never got to number one but who cares?? It's not always about the billboard charts.

    At the end of the day, Courtney was a voice for a lot of people that didn't have a voice in rock, in music and the media, exactly like Madonna was, except for a different demographic.

    Courtney, just like Madonna, defied society's archetypes of what a woman should be, and that has to be admired.

    Just like Madonna, Courtney had a vision and a desire for fame and went for it. Unfortunately, contrary to Madonna, fame ultimately destroyed her.

    But Courtney is a survivor, and while most, if not ALL of her rock contemporaries, are either dead, retired or just plain irrelevant(Alanis anyone?), Courtney is still here and still making music. She released a very good album this year, that got her a lot of press, is sober and she's still standing, after people thought she wasn't going to live past 2004.

    I have admiration for Courtney, for the talented, emotional person that she is, and for her crazyness too, it's even endearing in a way.

    If you can't see her for what she is, and her importance in the overall picture of pop culture, female rock and celebrity, then I feel sorry for you.

  10. I think that letter is amazing. Contrary to you closed minded people, I actually know where Courtney is coming from, this is not mere envy, she's always had a knack for analyzing pop culture and is actually quite versed and knowledgable of it, and Madonna at the time had really become kind of like the status quo, or she was the biggest star, obviously she became a target for Courtney to analize, and it goes deeper than that, Madonna actually had an interest in signing Hole to her label, and they didn't accept, and Madonna was intrigued and threatened by Courtney in a way too. I just don't know why you have to be passionate about it and diss Courtney with the same mysoginistic put downs that both Courtney and Madonna have tried to destroy all their lives.

  11. Courtney is clearly a mess and has her issues but what most of you don't (want to) see is that she is often quite insightful and spot on.

  12. "Who is Courtney Love?" -Madonna.

  13. "Who is Courtney Love?" -Madonna.

    One of Madonna's most pathetic moments, pretending she didn't know who Courtney was, after she spent a good year trying to sign Hole to her Maverick label and Courtney said no.

  14. Poor Ramon... :(

    And I love Courtney and everyone knows she is a HUGE Madonna fan. Next!

  15. @Ramon H.

    "'Who is Courtney Love?' -Madonna.

    One of Madonna's most pathetic moments, pretending she didn't know who Courtney was, after she spent a good year trying to sign Hole to her Maverick label and Courtney said no".

    I'm sorry, but in what part did Madonna ask who CL is?

    You, Ramon H., are very pathetic when you call Madonna's fans "close minded" when they are (simply) analyzing a video that shows two very different women: one all "dignified", classy, and well behaved. The other high on some drug, making a fool of herself, being the trash that she is.

    Not to mention that there's also this letter. And what about that other interview CL gave in the mid-90s saying "Madonna was a vampire trying to suck from her".

    I mean, "close minded"? Over and over, this woman has mentioned Madonna in a way or another. She was and still is obsessed with Madonna.

    In case you dont know, she's been singing LIKE A PRAYER in her gigs lately. She did it this summer several times - youtube it.

    You are so pathetic that you cant accept that Courtney Love is trash and Madonna put her on her place with dignity.

    "Courtney was a voice for a lot of people that didn't have a voice in rock, in music and the media". ------ She was a voice for what kind of people? Trailer trash? Or people that just got high and drank tons?

    As far as I'm concerned, getting high, being abnoxious and trashy is not something people should admire. It is not today. It was not then. But then, the Jersey Shore is a hit on TV now-a-days. And isnt that what they do? They get drunk, they get high, they are obnoxious? Obviously, according to your rationale, they are a voice for many people (pathetic).

    I'd take a woman that has been the image of overcoming shortcomings and carrying a healthy life anytime. Oh, she goes by one name only.

    BTW, the fact that Hole ended up not getting signed by Maverick doesnt mean anything personally to them. That was a business transaction. You sound even more pathetic when you try to sound as if it was a Courtney Vs. Madonna transaction. Get a life!

    And one more thing: at what moment in their musical careeres, has Courtney Love been groundbreaking? Mmm... none?!? I can name a few moments where Madonna has been fresh and groundbreaking...

  16. You are an idiot, you obviously know nothing about music, moving on.

  17. is it at all possible for all of us who are readers & visitors to pud's blog to have debates that don't resort to ad hominem?

    we can agree to disagree on whatever post or topic, but when we start calling each other "pathetic" or "close minded" because of a difference of opinion, it just makes all of us look petty and ridiculous in hindsight.

    my two cents.

  18. They have a lot in common: both are talentless women

  19. ramon, i don't know if we,the madonna fans, are closeminded, but the only certain thing is that no madonna fan has ever written sooooooooo big comments about the queen of pop.