Saturday, November 13, 2010

September 25, 1993 - London.

These pictures of Madonna, running in the park, were taken by a fan on September 25, 1993 - the morning of the day she kicked off her Girlie Show in London.


Here is MTV news coverage of the opening of The Girlie Show in London - September, 1993


  1. MEGA-STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh, I'm crying!:)

    I have one remembrance with this MTV newsblock. Back in the day it was extremely difficult to find any M-related stuff. There were no MTV in my country yet, no music channels at all. BUT! Once a week they broadcast 1 hour of MTV videos late night on TV. Every Tuesday or Wednesday evening I put my videotape recorder on auto-record, because I have to sleep that time (I was a teen:). The next day when I came from school I checked the records. Usually it was MTV 1990th stuff.
    And one day I came from school and rewinded a VHS cassette as usual to check the record and saw M's video. I thought, cool! I rewinded more - another M's video again. And in the beginning of the record the DJ was saying "bla, bla, bla and if there are Madonna's fans among of you we prepare a great surprise for you - the whole 1 hour of videos of superstar". I was running around my town looking for any newspapers or cassettes and now I've got 1 hour of videos! I was so HAPPY! I was crying and started to call my parents and all my freinds to tell them how happy I was.

    It was autumn 1993 and this MTV report was recorded (and have been watched million times).

    Thanks Pud and Mauricio!

  3. vivaanna, what a truly sweet and delightful description of such a magic and exciting time for many of us (thanks, in so many ways, to M)!:)

  4. Ahhh, takes me back to September 1993 when MTV Europe had their Madonna 'Girlie Weekend' and showed this report along with 'Dinner With Madonna' and all her videos. Back when MTV was good!

  5. Nice pics. For some reason there seems to be a lack of off-stage photographs of Madonna with her short, cropped hair during this period...

    I think it's funny that backstage, Niki and Donna wore their Blonde Ambition "Material Girl" robes.