Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Which Do You Prefer - Now or Then?

There seems to be much debate among Madonna's fan base about her face. At 52, I think she looks gorgeous and fantastic. I love all incarnations of Madonna but I think she looks better than she has in years. I want her to glow on forever.

Which do you prefer?


  1. Heres the thing
    Madonna statrted in 1997 98" doing botox hence she lost her lovely frown line that we have not seen since girlie show tour.
    In 2006 around horse accident time she got the bottom face lift which gave her that confessions promo tour look tight jaw she looked amazing even at the oscars in the pink dress it was like flash back better version!
    Then during her divorce and what not she started getting all thhe fillers with dr brandt who works on everyone but looks like the biggest freak himself. I think there needs be a way to control the fillers so people don't accusse he off falsey having cheek implants. Madonna is very thin so she needs a little help no question. She looks beautiful in any way. She takes amazing care of her self and skin etc. Id say just q little less filler. Did anyone see michelle phiefer at the globes she does a subtle amount still looks a little more natural.

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  3. i thought i was the only one who thought she had a 'bottom face' lift in 2005, you can clearly see the difference between the Hung up vid and the Live 8 performance, anyways I prefered then, her original jawline is gone forever

  4. What's the big deal about a little surgery or enhancements here and there? I mean, it's ALL cosmetic.. coloring your hair, bleaching your teeth, putting braces on your kids' teeth, etc.

    If we all went through life "au naturel", it would not be pretty!

    I think Madonna looks terrific for 52. It's a choice. Either have a little nip/tuck or look like Barbara Bush ( http://goo.gl/PBfl9 ). I'd chose the former!

    Besides, it's not like Madonna has had to have extensive surgery to change her look. She had plenty to work with and is simply maintaining an already beautiful face.

  5. I prefer the before picture here as I don't think she looked good at the Nine premiere (which is where the top picture was taken). However, on the whole I think she's looking great these days and (without doubt) better than if she was au natural. All the years of exercise and being super-slim means you look older (remember around '99 her cheeks started looking quite hollow?)

    I want Madonna to look gorgeous so I'm all for it. Will be considering botox myself in a year or two.

    Also want to say that Madonna gets a rougher time for her looks than anybody on the planet. Not fair at all.

  6. I dont mind the enhancements, but when her face looks fatter than it ever did (even at age 25), I kinda cringe. but hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

  7. i do think that she is still beautiful, even if the "now" pic is not one of her best....generally i loved the outfit but not her hair. i loved how dhe looked at the fashion delivers gala (gorgeous), at the ellen show and at the opening of the hard candy fitness gym in mexico!

  8. I prefer her face now. Her face now is more softer and more "lively". Her face then always gave me "Aging Angry Woman". It's funny when people try to attack GODonna for her face and 'plastic surgery' but I think she has done it better than anyone over the age of 40 (Im looking at you Cher [-_^]). She's gorgeous either way. Marc Jacobs, Domenico Dolce, Stepho Gabbana & Donatella Versace all agrees with me.

  9. I think she looks great. She still looks like Madonna to me.

  10. Before,the one now is just too horrible.
    Pud,one tip for you. I love Madonna the same way you you but you say you want her to glow forever,well,you need to understand that she wont live forever or be around forever either,we need to start thinking thats there is going to be a day when she is gonna stop making music and we will have to deal with it.

  11. Thanks Pud for this topic that i think all fans are thinking about! I prefer BEFORE definetely!Even she looks great, I do miss so much that strong geometric face and the fallen of here eyes, both are gone forever, she lost expression. the eyes are not the same and her mouth and face are hardened and eyes are starting look like cat eyes, not the same at all. i think she could make some retouching but she didn't need so many fills at all. but well, maybe it's natural, with such a big ego must be so hard to see the pass of the time. maybe she'll be a kind of cher and we'll have more madonna to come! we don't know, we'll have to wait... but one thing is sure, there's no surgery that changes our love for her!

  12. Madonna is always fabulous. But I prefer her look now. I didn't like the fashions of the early 2000's.

  13. I forgot to add,those cat eyes really scare me !

  14. Nothing lasts forever and everything changes and Madonna's face too.
    Also we don't have proper photos, how M really looks now. Professional photos are too retouched and too good, on paparazzi photos she looks too bad sometimes (maybe she turned less photogenicness getting older).
    I'm agree she looks great for her age. For me madonna is her eyes, nose, arms and legs (my favorite "parts" of M). But eyes and nose hasn't changed!

  15. I don't think you picked the best picture from either era, but on the whole I prefer the way she looks now....sort of. After American Life, she did start to look very much her age, although that was reversed when Confessions... came out and I thought she looked wonderful then. But by the time the tour finished and she face the blazeof publicity that greeted the first adoption - she'd started to look a bit frazzled. But then, she stepped out at the Revolver premiere at the end of 2007 and looked stunning.


    I'm fairly certain that this is when she first had cheek fillers, as they looked quite apple-ish and I'd not seen that about her face before. After that, I think she went a bit overboard but then I can understand that she wouldn't necessarily want to have top ups during the Sticky and Sweet tour.

    I do think that some fans forget, or don't realise just how round a face Madonna had when she was in her 20s and very early 30s and when some of them wail that she now looks 'unrecognisable' I have to question if they've ever seen how she looked in the 80s.

    So, overall, I'm pretty happy with the way she looks now, and that she looks her best when the fillers are done in fairly subtle way.
    I've got a theory that Madonna only cares about this *up to a point*. She knows she needs maintenance but can only be bothered to go when she feels it's necessary, so we're likely to continue to see the large pillow cheeks, periodically, followed by longer stretches of her looking just fine as they gradually deflate.

  16. Madonna has taken good and bad pics since 1958. She looks fine now, but yes, a little too much cheek action going on, but I do not think it's permanent, And she has always had cat eyes. Beautiful.

  17. There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery as long as it enhances and beautifies the features. Have you seen Sharon Stone?? She looks FLAWLESS. She's certainly had work done, but it's NATURAL work done, it doesn't look fake, it makes her look beautiful and it's preserving her age as opposed to making her look like a wannabe 20 year old.

    Madonna is an example of terrible plastic surgery because the face implant/facelift combo makes her look sick. I know this lady who got skin cancer on her face, and she looked like Madonna all the time, with a bloated, shiny face but it wasn't pretty or natural looking, you could tell it was not normal.

    Well that's how Madonna looks, not normal, sick, unhealthy, puffy. Who wants to look puffy?? puffiness is never good, and it's often a symbol of unhealthiness.

    Madonna at the Stick and Sweet Tour?? disgusting. Those skinny frog legs, mummy arms and Mount Rushmore face, not a pretty picture.

    Let me tell you something, I was at a party last month, and we were playing youtube videos at a computer, and someone suggested Madonna and this guy was like ugh, Madonna looks like a mummy. At another time I would've defended her but I couldn't do it because she does look terrible!!

    What I'm trying to say is that non fans do not think Madonna looks great like the fans always do, and really she doesn't look great, she looks AWFUL.

  18. @Ramón H.

    I totally agree with you.

    Madonna looks odd. Everytime a new picrure pops up, I can't just say "Hey, it's madonna!" It's more like "hey, it' Madonna...what happen to her face"?

    It all started to go down hill when she had LOLA. During the Ry of Light era she started to be obsessed with yoga and she got tone in her bod and in her face. She started to look sickly. Then she had ROCO, and made movie wearing a bikini, so I am sure she went overboard with working out which obviously made her look tired and haggard.

    Then 2005, with Confessions, she must of had a lower jar reduction or liposuction which made her cheeks start to look more prominate. This was an ok look...but stilll there was a difference that was very noticable.

    Then...2008! OMG...when i saw the pictures from her fundraiser she looked so weird. Her skin looked stretched and her cheeks looked like a chipmunks. Even her lips looked funny. I was so sad. I always thought of Madonna being a smart woman...but looks like only in business and not her style or body.

    She needs to stop hanging out with 'YES' people and start hang out with real people.

  19. @BMC I feel the same way.

  20. The sad thing is that Madonna, at 52, with all this horrid surgery, still looks more attractive then the 24 yo, Lady Gaga.

    Sad. :(

  21. @Tony you are fucking loser idiot. Do you think I like Lady Gaga?? I LOATHE HER. I don't think there has been another celebrity UGLIER than Lady Gaga who is repulsive in every way, like shockingly ugly. And OF COURSE Madonna looks better than that monster bitch.

    But Madonna still looks sick and ugly.

  22. Check out more pictures of her plastic surgery and leave a comment here:


    We love you Madge, but you need to relax and take a Holiday!

  23. As much as I love Madonna, I liked the before picture. There's nothing wrong with surgery but there's also a thing called moderation. I was disappointed when she did get all that surgery (or when it became totally obvious) because Madonna was always one who didn't give a shit about what other people thought and I always thought she wouldn't jump on the plastic surgery bandwagon..or at least not as much as she has. STOP IT MADONNA! You're perfect just the way you are!!!!

  24. Vadge is a talent-free, boring, tired oldbag size-queen.

  25. Well, she obviously look better when she was younger. But I can see no problem with her face now despite the plastic surgeries. She's still Madonna, great singer and performer, full of girl power. :)

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