Monday, February 28, 2011


In disguise, I can see it in your eyes!!!

I love Angel, the 3rd single from the Like a Virgin album. There was supposed to be a video for it but MTV said they couldn't add another Madonna video to their playlist. There were too many already! They were playing Virgin, Material Girl, Into the Groove, Crazy For You and Gambler and others from the first album. Of course, it would have been fabulous to have a video of Angel, but in some ways I'm glad there isn't. The song isn't tainted by a visual, it stands on it's own. And, it's brilliant.


  1. In my top 5 favorite Madonna songs. Great song that sounds nothing like any of her other songs.

    Wish there was a video, but yes, making our own visual in our minds is nice. Totally a forgotten gem, not to mention top 5 single here in the U.S.

  2. My namesake song. sighn. I have this 12" framed. one of my cherished possessions.

  3. Does anyone know what the concept of the video would have been? Anyone know what it would have been like/been filmed?

    I didn't know it wasn't made because too many of her videos were on MTV. I thought she just didn't have time to make another video from the LAV album because of The Virgin Tour.

    Is a shame indeed that she didn't make an Angel video. Also a pity a video wasn't made for Dress You Up. Oh well, I guess the 2 amazing videos (for LAV and MG) more than make up for it...

    Just have always found it odd that LAV, being her most iconic album ever had (I think) the least amount of videos made for singles.

    The Angel compilation video is decent and the Dress You Up live video is decent but damn I would love to have 2 proper videos instead...

  4. I was always under the impression that she and Herb shot a never-before-seen ANGEL video in Hawaii, identical to the still images from the Virgin Tour backdrops & tourbook... M rolling around on the black sand beach, sizzling in that leopard swimsuit, splashing around in the surf wearing all those wild vivid 80's colors. Can u even imagine how sexy and iconic this video would have been???