Sunday, February 27, 2011

Madonna and Joan Collins at the 64th Annual Academy Awards Spago Party

At Swifty Lazar's Spago party.

In one article I read years ago about Lazar, Joan Collins was inquiring about the name cards at her table before the guests arrived, she asked Swifty, "Who is this M. Ciccone?"


  1. madonna aka rebecca carson here :) love that pic

  2. LOL, I can totally hear Joan saying that. I sure she had no clue what Madonna's last name was

  3. this must be the time madonna spoke about this seating when she did Arsenio with Rosie. Rosie joked that madonna and joan chatted all night long and left her alone with walter cronkite and dennis hopper. madonna added the theme to the table was all the woman slept with warren beatty.

  4. Joan Collins has been rude about Madonna on several occasions. I'm surprised they sat together at all.

  5. I saw this pic in Collins' autobiography. She captioned it as "...with Miss Ciccone."

  6. LOL
    i find this funny.. because when Madonna was on Arsenio hall in 1990 he was asking her if she ever gets jealous of warren beatty.... And arsenio said to her " does the name Joan Collins make you Jealous"?
    And madonna replied "No... have you seen her lately"? LOL

    Im surprised these two didnt rip each other to shreds.. But then apparently the next year at the academy awards party madonna was chewing Joan's off wanting to know all about Warren Beatty, because Madonna was still thirsty... I guess Joan is a class act and a good sport!