Sunday, February 27, 2011

Madonna Arrives in LA!

Madonna and Lola arrive in LA for the Oscars.


  1. Geeze - Madonna's jetset!

    NYC, London, and LA within 4 days! Hope she reveals her look this year, instead of keeping the pictures secret! There was only one image from the that I can recall from 2010.

    Hope she makes a pit-stop at the Vanity Fair party!

  2. nice to see her smiling and not wearing gloves, which i like, but she kinda overdid it. besides her hands look more than just ok. she doesn't need gloves

  3. this must be the time madonna spoke about this seating when she did Arsenio with Rosie. Rosie joked that madonna and joan chatted all night long and left her alone with walter cronkite and dennis hopper. madonna added the theme to the table was all the woman slept with warren beatty.

  4. X-static, - did madonna need gloves all of 1984.85 when she wore them all the time? she wears them as a fashion statement, not to hide her hands lol

  5. tony, tony, tony.

    wake up.

  6. k. madonna is ugly, old, huge fake cheeks, only wears gloves to hide her hands that have looked like that since the 80s. she wore the lace gloves in 1984 to hide her hands too.

    now do i sound like the rest of you here?

    perfect. :)