Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sooner or Later live at The Academy Awards 1991

Glamour. Sex. Style. Voice. Body. Hollywood. Performance. Face. Fur. Diamonds. Life.

Madonna gave one of the greatest live televised performances of all time on March 29, 1991 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in front of Hollywood's elite and over 50 million viewers around the world at the 63rd annual Academy Awards. Her, the spotlight, an audience and the camera.

Fabulous. She's Old Hollywood personified at a time when high potent glamour was to take the back seat to serious bullshyt. Just one of her many Fuck You's.

Drenched in 20 million dollars worth of Harry Winston diamonds, a mink stole and a diamond and pearl encrusted Bob Mackie gown, Madonna stole the show singing Stephen Sondheim's Sooner or Later from Dick Tracy.

Emerging from beneath the stage, she gave a live performance that all the great movie queens - combined - could only dream of. With great voice, flawless choreography and a full orchestra, she strips off a glove, beats that stage with her fur and throws one of her diamond earrings into the orchestra pit. The Jackpot of Star. A fantastically bombastic performance with the greatest exit scene that the Academy Awards has ever seen before or till date.

Sooner or Later won the Academy Award for Best Original Song.


  1. Everything was perfect,too bad she was wearing that horrible mink stole. Fucking bitch !

  2. It was never better than this. She was amazing. Flawless in every way.

    How can it be 20 years?

  3. For sure my favourite (non concert) live performance from the Queen!
    Love the exit scene!

  4. After Vogue @ Mtv award is the best Madonna's performance...and she sing very well!

  5. maar - join peta and STFU. thanks.

    DLB - so beyond fabulous. the burlesque, the orchestra following her every move - choreography, face, glamour!!! they all wish!!! dead or alive!!! xo

    berry - best exit ever....and entrance and performance!


  6. You can see her hands trembling at times. She said back in the day this the most nervous she had been for a performance...she was in front of Hollwood and she wanted to be great.
    Trivia question: do you remember who she threw her earring to at the end?

  7. didnt she just throw it off of her neck? it had fallen off and clipped onto her hair and neck and waiting the isles where security men who grabbed it. there is also a great story from the sound guy saying madonna, before she went up on stage with the lift, had her hands around his neck swearing and saying she will kill him because her inner ear mic wasn't working

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  9. @Pud,im already a member but it seems that in your blog we cant say anything bad about her because you get so mad and defensive.

  10. but she does seem a bit stiff though, doesn't she?