Sunday, February 6, 2011

Future Lovers/I Feel Love - Confessions Tour

Future Lovers/I Feel Love from The Confessions Tour in London, 2006. One of the most exciting openings ever. I was there for both nights of the filming. One of the nights was her birthday and we all wore birthday hats. It was fabulous. She was fabulous. It was the first time I had been to London and had the greatest time with my friends Val, Tom (long O) and Camille. Nobody does it better. And really - who else would you travel around the world to see? Only for The Greatest Star That Has Ever Lived.

Here's some opening footage shot by the wonderful Robster from MadonnaMad forum. Fantastic.


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  2. The greatest opening EVER !. Simply amazing. Ive been in 10 shows for the CT and traveled around the USA just for her,i wouldnt do it for anyone else. Well,for Cher and Barbra Streisand yes (i did it before) but i wouldnt go to many shows.
    I went to Vegas on Tuesday just to see Cher and it was FANTASTIC !!!. It was well worth the travel,my point is that i can go to short trips (from where i live to Vegas) to see Cher or Streisand but for Madonna i would go anywhere in the world (if i have the money and the time)

  3. By the way,the dvd doesnt make the tour justice,you had to see it for yourself to believe how great it was.
    The dvd is so bad,it looks like a long video clip. I think ive watched 2 times since i bought it,it makes me dizzy,the cameras move too much and you cant really appreciate anything.

  4. maar, i agree in that the dvd was over-edited in my opinion. if they took it down a few notches it would have been more enjoyable to watch. it's like, wtf, cut to m, cut to crowd, cut to dancers in the space of 4 seconds.

  5. this was brilliant! I love how she took her love for horse riding (even after the accident), and put it into the show and made it so sexy.

  6. It's an incredible show. Her best opening since the awesome Blond Ambition tour.

    You notice this is the only show she sang Future Lovers live. It was the opening show for L.A. Every show thereafter she lipsynced the track.

    But honestly, who cares? It was a brilliant opening number.

  7. Her best opening next to EY from BA and DYU from the Virgin Tour.

    Love and adore it!

  8. PS:

    The DVD is easily her best filmed concert.

    People always have to complain. Lord.