Saturday, February 5, 2011

Madonna VEVO Channel on Youtube?

Yeah, everyone keeps talking about it and I've seen it on YouTube but why the fuck are all the videos reversed? It's like TheMadonnaHub videos - I think it's shyt.

MadonnaVEVO Channel- See for yourself.


  1. reversed or not i think it's great! :))
    on the headline you put a question mark. you mean that the channel is possibly fake? then how the videos have the vevo watermark?

  2. xstatic - cant they just stick a watermark on? i hate anything reversed. photos, etc. but especially the videos - those are motion pictures!!!! xo

  3. Apparently, this isn't the 'real' Vevo channel. Plus, the vids are slightly sped up in speed (making her voice sound high pitched), as well as the videos being in reversed. So this looks to be no official move...yet.

  4. pud, i agree with you. the channel put madonna's age on it! it's totally fake :(