Monday, February 14, 2011

Like A Prayer - Blond Ambition Tour Yokohama

I love this live performance of Like a Prayer from The Blond Ambition Tour in Yokohama - as I'm sure all the fans do. The concert performance is really like a Broadway Musical piece or the show stopping musical number in a Motion Picture.

The Blond Ambition is the first time we got Like a Prayer live. I've always pedestaled her Martha Graham dance training inclusion in this performance. Stage setting, choreography, costumes, drama, pathos!!! It's perfect. Even the tragic, back-stabbing Niki Harris is fabulous here. I saw it live at the Sports Arena here in Los Angeles every night she played and it was like a religious experience. Blast this shyt to get the full effect.

From concerts to award shows, all Madonna live tours can still be seen everywhere we turn. Unfortunately, they don't have the talent, vision, stamina and discipline to pull it off like Madonna. There will never be another.

Thank God for Madonna.


  1. the intro ROCKS!!! always loved it!! amazing performance!!

  2. that was very sly, pud! yes, gaga has once again copy-machined a classic Madonna performance (the whirling pony tail, the robes, the choreography, the sparse dark set) hmmmmmm... Born This Way, my ass!

  3. Great performance, hate the pony tail. The curls looked 100x better.

  4. Gaga also copied the Dick Tracy hat and coat too! The nerve! LOL

  5. Why do we have to bring gaga in EVERY post ??. It gets boring and guess what ?


    “Well, the good news is that I got an e-mail from her people and her, sending me their love and complete support on behalf of the single and if the queen says it shall be, then it shall be,” Gaga told Jay.

    Good for Madonna. This fight is just stupid.

    I adore Madonna and i like Gaga. Theres place for both.

  6. LOVE ponitail, love everything - intro, stage decoration, song, choreography, costumes. This is my all time fav M's song together with "Inside of me". Saw it million times on VHS. Nikki's vocal is perfect here. And performance in Yokohama is the most solemn, dramatic and breathtaken from the others performances of LAP.

  7. Maar, i was just contributing to the gaga references, jokingly. I love and support her. I am a Little Monster as well as a Madonna fan for 20 years. I just find it funny that people like to compare, so I compare too as a fun sport now.

  8. I feel bad for lady gaga. She can't wear a pony tail now??? I think the Madonna comparisons will show the younger generation how important her music and style was back then. Just like how artists today tried to duplicate MJ's dancing style.

  9. I don't feel bad for Gaga at all. She always raved about people like Grace Jones, and David Bowie, but was always quite blase when asked about Madonna, as if she 'respected' her, but didn't really want to be associated with her, even though Madonna was clearly her largest influence.

    And Gaga was arrogant enough to think that not only would we not notice that Born this Way was a cheap Express Yourself knock off, but also that no one would care. Well, she underestimated Madonna and she underestimated Madonna's fans.

    Most Madonna fans had been saying for some time that Gaga was simply aping her, but inexplicably, an ignorant and uncritical media allowed her to get away with it.

    But everything changed with Born This Way, and then suddenly - finally - the whole world woke up to what Gaga was doing. They could hear echoes of Madonna in Gaga's music and could see Madonna's image in Gaga's wardrobe; the truth can't be concealed forever.

    Gaga's song will be lifted to the top of the charts around the world but, in spite of that, for a singer who was supposedly out to establish her credibilty in her own right, this campaign has been nothing short of disastrous. And, crucially, as she was forced to acknowledge to Jay Leno, Madonna is most definitely the Queen.

  10. Best. Live. Show. Ever. Period.

  11. For the record, Liz Rosenberg, Madonna's longtime publicist, denied the existence of any email to Lady Gaga.