Saturday, February 12, 2011

Watch as The Queen of Life Descends From the Stairs to Express Herself to Express Yourself!

Well, Express Yourself has been on everybody's lips for the last 24 hours - hell it's been on everyone's lips for the last 22 years! On twitter it is still trending. The Fabulous Anthem is classic, timeless and ageless.

Here's Madonna's strong, sexy, athletic and vocally superb performance of Express Yourself at the MTV Music Video Awards in 1989. Nobody does it better. And by the look of the pop landscape in the last 22 years, nobody ever will.

This was the template for the Blond Ambition Tour version we would see in the summer of 1990.

Don't go for second best baby!


  1. Tied along with the LAV performance as my all-time favorite live Madonna performance.

    Perfection in EVERY way.

    Live singing, great dancing. Pure energy. Raw.

  2. My all time favorite also. I watch this in the gym for energy on the treadmill. Do you know what she says at :12 seconds or so in? Speaking French? Talking to Nikki and Donna? It has bugged me for 22 years ha

  3. Dean, somebody is saying "Bust A Move" A Dj perhaps???

  4. She says:

    "Young MC, Bust a Move".

    Young MC was a one hit wonder at that time and his big hit was called, 'Bust a Move'.

  5. always loved this performance! simple perfection! proves that madonna can put on a stunning show with or without many many dancers, big lights and complicated costumes. perfect in its simplicity!!!