Monday, March 28, 2011

1983 - Everybody Live at The Roxy and the KA-KA Shirt!

Well, this is just everything - of course. I would have died for this footage growing up - and I want the whole thing!!! They played this footage on RAI television in Italy. I know for sure that she also sang Physical Attraction but I don't know about the other songs. This is right at the time she shot the Gary Heery pics for the Madonna/Madonna album. That hair is so freshly bleached, just the right length and it's the exact jewelry.

It's all about that bruja gypsy dance and outfit. .:And Betty's favorite flats!:. Who else can just throw on old pieces of trash, flash an old movie star face, move in that motion and blaze brilliant street style? Only Madonna. They all try too hard these days.

Also take notice of The Ultimate Fabulousness. I was always obsessed with her KA-KA shirt that we first saw in the devoted completely to Madonna magazine for A Certain Sacrifice in 1985. The picture was from the rehearsal footage that Stephen Jon Lewicki shot in 1979. And 5 years later she wore the KA-KA shirt in this performance!

She also wore the KA-KA shirt at the Peppermint Lounge performance in 1983.


  1. I think you and I have the same favorite area. Yesterday I was reading some parts in the book Madonna her story by michael mckenzie and now you are sharing some from this area. Never realized this about the ka-ka shirt, thank you for telling.
    By the way how old are you ? Im 38 and became a fan when I saw her at live aid 1985 ( on tv ).
    kind regards tine

  2. I didnt know there was a Ka-Ka shirt following. :)

  3. All right you get the message! That is great performance - I would have loved taht in the day - i love it now!

  4. LOVE!!! Great inside info as always XO

  5. tine - like most fans, i think im most fond of when i hopped on board, so yes - this is my favorite era - you know - the first album - everything about it. i was 12 in 83 - you do the math! xoxo

    coca - so glad you loved it. xo

    angel, steven - xo

  6. Now THIS is amazing. Love it! Thanks, Pud!! xoxo

  7. Ha! Never noticed the Ka Ka shirt after ACS. Good eye boy!