Monday, March 28, 2011

Keep It Together and Holiday - Blond Ambition Tour - Houston, Texas

Blond Date Weekend - MTV - May 4, 1990. Madonna kicks off her North American leg of the Blond Ambition Tour in Houston, Texas at The Summit. On MTV, they had a Madonna weekend and they showed Keep It Together and Holiday. Completely fantastic. I remember they showed all these video outtakes from the Express Yourself video. Interestingly, they played Keep It Together first.

Read news of Madonna's arrival in Houston HERE.


  1. I wonder how exciting it was... to watch the greatest star at that time to bring this masterpiece to the country, see all the commotion she caused...

  2. Love the header change, Pud! I know you adore that 1987 look, but I was ready for change. Thank you again for everything you do on a daily basis regarding this blog. It's fantastic! The best Madonna blog by far!

  3. I was at the June 25th 1990 concert at the meadowlands arena! I was 11 year old then. The keep it together number was the best. I remember like it was yesterday. We wee leaving our seats, while we walked down the steps toward the exist of the section of our seats. She came out with this song. It was my favorite on the album too. I had such a great view because we left our seats that were so high up lol

    Btw, put back the true blue era pic!

  4. AWW. I have the entire Blonde Date on vhs somewhere! Love this performance and I got to see her a few days later in Dallas. I also remember MTV interviewing a couple of drag queens on the Blonde Date. I had never seen a drag queen on television before. It was quite interesting. Now I gotta go find that tape and burn it to dvd! Thanks PUD you fucking rock!

  5. WOW, Pud, great new desing of the blog! The header photo is one of my favorite!

  6. tony - actually that was 86 and i love blond '86 - glad you like the new one. xoxox

    youthinkyourecute - haha its this now - xo

    trey - ive been reading all your comments - love them. xoxo

    vivaanna - xoxo!

  7. Perfection! Never seen this b4...and this is my favorite era!

    Thx PUD!


  8. the inspiration for this tour was epicly wild and hallucenigic...

    Keep It Together was definitely inspired by Cabaret & Clockwork Orange!!!!!

    Holiday feels like a mash-up of Fellini's 8½ and Sonny & Cher