Monday, March 14, 2011

Get Stupid (Live Sticky & Sweet Tour) plus Vogue Brazil

For Roy. xo

Get Stupid - Video Interlude - Sticky and Sweet Tour 2008.


  1. noooooooo not for me,really? thanx pud this session and i love u too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. GOT Stupid in Brazil -- SO stupid, so VERY stupid, indeed, that having seen the magazine at a store in Sao Paulo, I didn't buy it right away...
    And then days later when I finally went to buy it somewhere in Rio de Janeiro, the following issue of Vogue was now in the stands, replacing the M one.. So I do NOT own a copy. ;-(

    How the gods above could be so unfair? ;-)

  3. I bought in the day of release, and months after I found another one, that I bought too and made a poster...

    But I think there's newstands that still have one or two, in Avenida Paulista, São Paulo...

  4. The look from this film was probably the most edgy and interesting from the whole tour, why was it wasted on a 3 minute political interlude?

    A plain white stage set with the moving speaker box thing she's on, would have been sooo cool!!!

  5. I **LOVE** it when she's on the cover of Vogue and this one was as awesome as ever.

    It's been way too long since she's had a VOGUE ITALIA cover - that Vogue has always been the world's best IMO, so we need another one with Madonna.

    And get this - in such a long career - she's only been on the cover of UK Vogue ONCE - and that was way back in February 1989!


  6. Richard, the whole tour was fantastic. You had to be there.

    Confessions, it was not, but still great!

  7. I loved this look so much. It was on every piece of technology I owned as the background for sometime haha.

    However I can't believe I went to the concert and walked past this magazine in Sao Paulo without buying it. I'm a fool!

    I really felt like this backdrop should have reassured everyone that Madonna is still as visually motivated as ever. I know it's not as epic as the EY video for example, but it's still great in my opinion.

  8. So was I, 5th row, center.

    And you didn't enjoy yourself??