Thursday, March 24, 2011

Raising Malawi: Madonna Will Serve as Chairperson of the Board

.:The chairman of Pepsi-Cola:.

I don't know, I just read this New York Times piece (click below) about Madonna's girl school in Malawi and I'm still clueless. Didn't we hear about the school not happening a few weeks ago? Then my friend forwarded a Michael Berg email to me saying:

Finally, I would like to announce that Raising Malawi has elected a new board of directors; Raising Malawi co-founder, Madonna, will serve as Chairperson of the board, Richard Feldstein will serve as Treasurer, and Guy Oseary will serve as Secretary.

So, Raising Malawi still happening?

NYT - Madonna’s Foundation for Malawi Girls’ School Collapses


  1. weird. brian and i were just discussing Raising Malawi last night.

  2. hmmm, yeah - i thought we already knew about the girls school not happening. what is this article all about? its a very - oh whats Mr. McFarckle's name? the one that loves mariah and hates on madonna? roger freidman!!! its a very friedman article.

  3. "Don't fuck with me fellas!"

    My money is still on Madonna and her charity. She'll never accept defeat after a setback or two.

  4. from what i read she was going to creat whole bunch of different schools
    instead of just one. i agree with shle896 she will never accept defeat

  5. Madonna's still in this cult???! WTF is wrong with her??? Jesus.

  6. Jesus? If Kabbalah is a cult then so is Christianity or Catholicism. My God, people still don't realize this? Lol sad.

  7. This sounds like a complete and utter shambles. The article is very measured and doesn't directly blame Madonna. However, the fact that she attended the 'launch' ceremony when there was nothing to launch looks really bad. It's this kind of thing which makes Westerners looks like they're interfering in things they know nothing about. And it sounds like Raising Malawi didn't have a clue.

    I'm not having a total go at Madonna but (as somebody who donated) I didn't think funds would be used to pay for things like 'golf-course membership'.

  8. Guy Oseary will serve as Secretary.

    Oh dear...That muppet again making money off madonna. When is he going to go away ??

  9. "Don't fuck with me fellas!"


  10. Madonnarules - exactly. Normally she would have you plant a seed and she'd just watch it grow.

    She's branching out, so to speak...pun intended.

  11. Considering Madonna worked for her $$, she can give it to anyone she wants.

    Same thing the christians do when they put their $$ in those baskets and then the people who run the church get lavish homes and new cars and are always on vacation.

    ZERO difference.