Friday, March 25, 2011

British Vogue - The New Madonna - February 1989

Another New Madonna. Ha! One of my all-time favorites. Of course - look at it! My best friend Roy had this cover blown up 6x4 feet. It was fabulous.


  1. OMG - My friend redesigned Like A Prayer special edition in art school and we searched everywhere for those two inside pictures. Pre internet - We found them and it came out so beautiful. We sent that as well as Vogue and Rescue me cd single packages to Maverick and got a rejection letter saying they couldn't look at outside work. Shame because they were all fabulous! LOVE that shoot and that time of my life. I like my life to now too but...LOL!


  3. Pud, Your blog brings me much enjoyment! I love to glance at it at work and then I love to watch all of the videos on the weekends when I have a nice buzz! So much fun and she really did do it all and will continue to do so much more. xo Steven

  4. This cover is amazing...I don't know why but it just brings me back to 1989 and with that feeling of excitement for her 'Like a Prayer' album. This era was so over the top for me, and it was the first time I really knew who Madonna was and I fell in love with her. I was only 11 years old... and she just grabbed my attention. Don’t understand it, and don't care to as long as she keeps doing what she is doing I am happy. (Minus the bad plastic surgery) :)


    PUD IS amazing!

    Would you be able to find those art peices to share with us?

    Thanks PUD for your great website and giving all Madonna fans 'something to remember'.


  5. I have this beautiful magazine! is one of the items I love most in my collection...
    XOXO Pud... love ur blog

  6. Am I the only one who doesn't like how she looks on this cover? Sorry for being a negative nancy lately haha

  7. Tony --- I'm not a fan of this look either, but I can see why it appeals to a lot of people. I think the dark hair just kills her personality. I like the blonde, fun, sexy, crass, Hyper-Marilyn persona the best. But, hey, to each his own.

  8. Well, no, I love her as a brunette! Especially the LAP video and other photoshoots for the album with the dark hair, just not the pic on the cover of the magazine. Maybe it's the lack of make-up? I dunno, just does't appeal to me. I prefer the gaudy Madonna. :P

  9. BEST.



    those eyes!!!!!!

    thnk pud, xo