Friday, March 25, 2011

All Dressed Up - Back Stage at Live Aid with Madonna

This is video that they aired the day of Live Aid on July 13, 1985 on MTV. The commentators are MTV VJ's Mark Goodman and Martha Quinn - who was such a dingle!!! Sideline Trivia: Martha was always a Cyndi supporter and loathed Madonna for her overt sexuality. Here, she refers to Madonna's next single, Dress You Up as "All Dressed Up" - a long time joke among me and someone special ♥. She also confuses farckle Bette Midler as Madonna. As you can see, Bette was so eager to meet Madonna (and watching every move Madonna made) who was working maniacally backstage to get everything perfect and boy did she. She rocked those rock f*ck'rs! This was the day that the Disco Sex Bomb became the Rock Star.

Don't forget fans, that at Live Aid Madonna was the ONLY performer out there with background dancers and doing an entire routine. Something that the Rock Crowd, she was about to perform for, frowned upon and was not of the norm that we see EVERYWHERE today. At every award show, every concert, etc. It was our Miss Madonna that pushed all that shyt out there in everyones faces. Not to mention that the two background dancers were flamboyant and waving tambourines up and through. Ha! Also remember that Dick Clark lobbied hard to get Madonna on this show, the producers didn't want her - they thought of her only as a dancer and dance artist. Click HERE to watch Dick Clark defend Madonna in the last video. xo

It was so brilliant to have this footage and it was the first time we saw Madonna Behind the Scenes. This footage looks just the way mine does on VHS to this day.


  1. I'm so upset that I didn't get to see this backstage footage live as it happened on t.v. I guess that's the price one pays for being in the 13th row!

  2. Awesome beyond words this was. You said it just perfectly Pud as always!

    In the UK we got none of this on TV btw - and to make matters worse we got LMTWGR cut short!!!!

    Took me about 20 YEARS to see/hear the end part of LMTWGR @ Live Aid.

    It doesn't matter how many times I watch M's Live Aid performance - it's orgamsic every time.

  3. she also said :all dressed up" on the day of the live video premiere

  4. I love M's Live Aid performance...but for me Queen ruled the stage that day. Knowing Madonna she probably picked up a few stage tips from Freddie!

  5. i'm sure Bette Midler loved being mistaken for M.. lol